4th of July Drinks with Julian Hard Cider

4th of July Drinks with Julian Hard Cider | A Well Crafted Party

To me there is an art to pairing drinks with meals. However, I’m pretty easy when it comes to drinks too. I enjoy a lot of different items and a lot of different pairings. Some of my favorite types of beverages to serve happen to be beverages that pair well with many different foods and are pretty friendly. Hard Cider is one of those types of beverages. Every year I head out to the Portland Apple Festival mainly for the opportunity to taste a bunch of local and delicious ciders. I tend to think of Hard Cider in the fall, but was pleasantly surprised at how summer-friendly they can be when Julian Hard Cider sent me an array of ciders to try out for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.

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4th of July Drinks with Julian Hard Cider | A Well Crafted Party

4th of July Drink Ideas

With names like “Cherry Bomb” and “Apple Pie” these hard ciders were pretty much made for an Independence Day celebration, don’t you think? But, even if the names weren’t perfect for a 4th of July party then the sweet and tart flavors make for a refreshing and easy to pair beverage solution. The ciders are made without added sugar and are sweetened with 100% juice.

The Julian Hard Cider flavors include: Cherry Bomb, Apple Pie, Harvest Apple, Black and Blue, Pearanormal, and Razzmatazz.

My three favorites for 4th of July pairings include the Cherry Bomb, Apple Pie, and Black and Blue for refreshingly sweet pairs to some of my favorite foods to eat at an outdoor BBQ.


4th of July Drinks with Julian Hard Cider | A Well Crafted Party 4th of July Drinks with Julian Hard Cider | A Well Crafted Party

Julian Hard Cider: Cherry Bomb

The Cherry Bomb was sweet and tart both with BIG notes of cherries. This was my favorite of the ciders mostly because I’m obsessed with cherries this time of year. It is made with the traditional apple cider and Montmorency Cherry juice. I think this cider would pair nicely with some BBQ ribs or brisket. It could even be paired well with a juicy burger topped with a roasted red pepper and garlic aioli.

Julian Hard Cider: Apple Pie

The Apple Pie hard cider tastes just like fall to me. The crisp bite of a juicy apple with notes of cinnamon, brown sugar, and nutmeg. Why do I like it for 4th of July if it tastes like fall you ask? Well, easy… is there anything more American than apple pie!? This would pair well with a hot dog piled high with sauerkraut or grilled onions. I’m personally going to serve the apple cider with our yearly Crab Boil. I think it will be great with the flavors of crab, sausage, and corn on the cob!

Julian Hard Cider: Black and Blue

Blackberries and blueberries make this cider fruity and bold. Maybe it is the name of this cider… but, I’d pair this with a big burger topped high with bacon and blue cheese. Blueberries and blue cheese just belong together. I’d also pair this one with steak. Mmmm… grilled steak.


4th of July Drinks with Julian Hard Cider | A Well Crafted Party


Other ideas for 4th of July Beverages:

Spiked Ice Cream | A Well Crafted Party Spiked Cherry Limeade | A Well Crafted Party

Cherry Sangria - a sweet & sour sangria | A Well Crafted Party

Need some other beverages to serve alongside your hard cider this holiday? My favorite summer cocktails include:

Of course, you don’t want to serve only alcoholic beverages. Make sure you have some infused waters on hand to keep everyone hydrated!


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