Making Water More Refreshing with Naturally Flavored Water

I actually really like water. I drink a lot of it. However, I also really like cocktails, wine, beer, juices, milk, teas, coffees, etc. I’ve been upping my fitness routine to try to get in a healthier space in my life, but I’ve really discovered that I need to also work on the nutritional side of the whole thing as well. I take in a lot of calories from beverages I drink. So, in order to cut back on calories, I’ve been trying to find ways to make water more appealing for those times when I am really craving something else.

My Favorite Infused Water Recipes

Lemon Mint and Cucumber Water

Infused Water

My Favorite Infused Water Recipes

Enter in the fruit in water craze that everyone is into. My go to mixture is cucumber, lemon, and mint. I’m totally loving how refreshing it tastes. And, I think I can trick myself into thinking it is a fun Summer cocktail. The cucumber even gives the water a little bit of sweetness.

Cucumber, Mint, & Lemon Water:

How I make my cucumber, mint, lemon water: 1.5 gallons of water, 1/2 cucumber thinly sliced, 1 lemon thinly sliced, and 10 mint leaves. Put all of the ingredients in pitcher and let sit all day long. I drink from it throughout the day. I often will refill the mixture once and put it in the fridge. The mixture usually lasts me a day or two.

My Favorite Posts about More Refreshing Water:

  •  52 Kitchen Adventures — 50 Awesome Flavored Waters  Some super tasty looking combinations.
  • The Yummy Life— Flavored Water  She has a blackberry sage version that I would have NEVER thought of before!
  • A Beautiful Mess— 3 Easy Infused Water  It even sounds more like a delicious cocktail than just “fruity water.”
  • Lose Weight By Eating— Day Spa Apple Cinnamon Water I didn’t do this for the “detox” purposes. But, this water is said to help with detoxing and it is delish!

Do you have a flavored water that you love?

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