Going Unplugged & 20 Cocktail Recipes

Unplugged photo via Samuel Livingston Flickr
Unplugged photo via Samuel Livingston Flickr

I’m going unplugged this weekend…a much needed camping trip! Camping is my way of recharging and I seriously can’t wait to get away. But, I couldn’t leave without sharing my weekly Saturday Spirits post. You know I’ve got a beverage or two planned for my camping trip as well!

I promise to be thinking of you while I’m away. 😉
20 Cocktail Recipes from A Well Crafted Party

So, for today’s Saturday Spirits please check out the following AWESOME drink recipes. There is something for everyone in the list below. They are some of my favorite drinks that I’ve featured on the blog in the past.

Need something refreshing then check out the mojitos on the list. Want to try something different and a tad savory? Try the sweet pea cocktail that features, you guessed it, peas! Granitas take a long time, but are SO worth the effort. The Melon and Mint Granita Cocktail is divine.

20 of my favorite Well Crafted Cocktail Recipes:

  • His and Her Longbeach Lemonades — A his and her version of a classic.
  • Cherry Sangria — Cherries are so good during the summer, but the season doesn’t last long. Take advantage of the season with this sweet and sour sangria.
  • Gin & Basil Cocktail — Gin is the perfect summer sipper and it goes great with herbs.
  • Old Irish — This one is smokey and fantastic… great for an evening by the fire.
  • Brix Layer Cocktail — A local bartender taught me this one and the layering effect is both beautiful to the eye and the palate.
  • A Fruity Whiskey Collins — Whiskey Collins are a lovely classic drink to learn to make… this version is extra delish.
  • When Life Gives You Pears — Fall is coming around the corner and ripe pears don’t just have to make it into your salads. Get them in your next adult beverage!
  • Melon and Mint Granita Cocktail — Simply divine.
  • Sweet Pea Cocktail — Savory and slightly sweet, this is a fun way to get your greens!
  • Cucumber, herbs and gin cocktail — I’m not kidding when I say that Gin is good with herbs. The cucumber elevates this drink to a whole new level.
  • Rosemary Bliss— A friend created this concoction that involves a rosemary simple syrup. YUM.
  • Classic Mojito— Mint and rum… where can you go wrong?
  • Honeydew Melon Mojito— I love to change up the classics. This honeydew melon mojito mellows out the mint and makes for a yummy drink out in the sun.
  • Blackberry Mojito— Blackberries and mint belong together. That is all.
  • Elderflower Sparkler— Elderflower liqueur is often overlooked, but it is such a beautiful accompaniment to so many drinks. This sparkler is easy to make and fun to drink.
  • Ginger Jenni & Vanilla Bean Bubble Machine — I like making drinks up in honor of my birthday. These two drinks are all about the simple syrups.
  • Spiked Ice cream— Spiking your ice cream is easier than you think… and just as tasty as you can imagine!
  • Honey Orange Ginger Old Fashioned— Another twist on a classic!
  • And, because I’m going camping I can’t forget this delicious recipe for a S’more Cocktail!

So, now that you have a ton of new drink recipes… get working on putting together your summer bar cart and get drinking!


Have a wonderful weekend. I know I am!

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