{Recipe} Smore Cocktail

{Recipe} Smore Cocktail

Last Thanksgiving I had the distinct pleasure of drinking for the first time in nearly a year. I made my plans with pumping/dumping/timing so that I wouldn’t have to worry about nursing my son and created two delicious cocktails for the hour before Thanksgiving dinner. They were AMAZING. I wanted to share these delicious cocktails with you just in case you wanted to make some for your holiday celebrations.

The first of these cocktails combines my favorite thing about the fall (Smores, Roasted Marshmallows!), my favorite flavor (Chocolate!), and alcohol.

The S’moreCocktail

  • SMIRNOFF Fluffed Marshmallow Flavored Vodka (affiliate link)(or different brand) 1 oz
  • Godiva Chocolate Liqueur (affiliate link)(or different brand) 1 oz
  • Chocolate Syrup– I used Hershey’s 1/2 oz.
  • Half & Half 2 oz
  • and crushed Graham Crackers for rim
  • 1 roasted marshmallow skewered
  • You will also need a shaker with ice, a martini glass, and two small plates (or a rimming container)
1. Pour the Marshmallow vodka, chocolate liquor, chocolate syrup, and half & half into a shaker, over ice, and shake well. ** Shaking is important for incorporating the thicker chocolate with all the other liquids, chilling the drink, and ever so slightly watering down the liquors. **
2. Rim the martini glass by dipping the rim first in chocolate syrup and then into the crushed Graham Crackers. I first pour my ingredients out on small plates and then press my glass into them.
3. Strain the cocktail into rimmed martini glass and top with a roasted marshmallow! (I took my kitchen blow torch to the marshmallows to roast them. You could also brown them in an oven.)
Frozen: Blend the ingredients together with ice or substitute ice cream for the half & half and blend together in blender.
Batch: Create a batch of the drink to pour several at once by pouring the below ingredients into a blender (without ice) and blending to mix well. Store the drink in the fridge and spin it on the blender right before pouring.
Batch ingredients for 5 martinis: 5 oz Marshmallow vodka, 5 oz Chocolate Liquor, 2.5 oz chocolate syrup, 10 oz Half & Half, 1 oz water.
I’d love to know if you tried the drink! 

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Written by Jenni

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