{Recipes} Fancy Pants Signature Cocktails

In order to not spend too much money we asked guests to bring beer, wine, or their favorite liquor to the party. We supplied some jubelale (from Deshutes Brewery), white wine, red wine, and two signature drinks. In my “pays me money” job I’m a bartender… so, creating these drinks was nearly as much fun as creating all the food for the party! They both involved making flavored simple syrups. The simple syrups can be used with soda water to make tasty non-alcoholic beverages!

This drink (named after me) is actually an easy variation of a Moscow Mule. Which, in case you didn’t know, Jenny is another word for a mule…so, I found the name quite fitting!
Ginger Simple Syrup
2 Cups Sugar
3 Cups Water
1 Peeled and Sliced Ginger Root
1 Tablespoon black peppercorns (not ground)
1. Put all ingredients into a sauce pan on med-low heat. 
2. Stir occasionally- let the mixture heat so that sugar dissolves. Do not boil or let sugar burn. Heat the mixture until you can smell the ginger across the room. Not very scientific…but, that is how I did it and it turned out quite tasty. I let it heat for approximately 1 hour.
3. Turn heat off and let it cool before straining it into a bottle. I used a glass bottle with a pour spout.
 The simple syrup will last for 1 week refrigerated. It is super tasty with soda water for a refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

 This was my favorite of the two drinks. I love bubbly and vanilla. I also really love the name. My husband thought it was going to taste like bubble gum though….so, obviously the name isn’t great.

Vanilla Simple Syrup
1 vanilla bean- sliced in half and seeds scraped out and put in as well
2 cups sugar
3 cups water
1. Put sugar, vanilla bean, vanilla bean seeds, and water into a sauce pan
2. Heat the mixture without burning sugar or boil 
3. Heat for 30 minutes to 1 hour. The room will smell deliciously like vanilla. Once mixture is cooled then strain into a bottle.


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