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A Well Crafted Party

Baby Shower Fit for a Queen

Queen Themed Baby Shower | A Well Crafted Party

When my friend  Yvonne King was having a baby girl after two (gorgeous and wonderful) little boys, I was more than a little excited when she agreed to let me host her baby shower! I could just imaging a queen themed baby shower in honor of the newest baby King. My friend Yvonne is one of […]

A Well Crafted Party

My Favorite Parties of 2017

Favorite Parties of 2017 | A Well Crafted Party

I typically end each year taking the time to review the year and sort of giving myself a recap of the highs of the year so that I’ll end the year in a hopeful mood. Looking back on my favorite parties has always been a great way for me to look back.  I had a […]


2018 Blog Planner + A Well Crafted Blog

Free Printable Blog Planner | A Well Crafted Blog

For the past several years I have been releasing a blog planner update to my Free Printable Build Your Own Blog Planner. This year I’ve added more updates, but I have also decided to move my blogging-related content to a new space. Introducing: A Well Crafted Blog It has been important for me to be […]