Saturday Spirits: Spiked Coffee

Spiked Coffee Ideas from A Well Crafted Party

Coffee is basically life… amiright? Well, it is pretty important in MY life if it isn’t quite an equivalent. I have coffee EVERY day. When I don’t want caffeine I drink decaf coffee. Coffee is a must. It is only natural that I bring my love of coffee and my love of cocktails together at times in creating tasty spiked coffee cocktails for brunches or night caps to fabulous dinner parties. While I absolutely love to craft wonderful more complicated coffee cocktails (and will share some of my favorite recipes soon) today’s post is sharing some of my favorite liquors to spike a coffee with to make a simple and satisfying coffee drink.


Spiked Coffee Ideas from A Well Crafted Party

Easy to Make Spiked Coffee

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To make spiked coffee you simply need to make a good cup of coffee— we typically use our french press* or pour-over*, but any good coffee maker will do— and introduce your favorite liquor. You can add cream and sugar (if needed) but, mainly, it is all about the coffee and liquor!

My favorite Coffee Add-Ins:

  • Amaretto — I’ve already professed my love for Amaretto in a past post. Amaretto is a sweet, almond-flavored liquor. This is good all by its lonesome with coffee or with just a touch of cream. (Side note: Amaretto makes an awesome ice cream topper too!)
  • Irish Cream — typically I use Bailey’s, but you can absolutely make your own Irish Cream! Irish Cream is just a mixture of cream, Irish Whiskey, and flavors of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla typically. If you use this in your coffee you can skip the cream and sugar entirely! Of course… you can always just spike your coffee with Irish Whiskey and add in the cream and sugar as needed. You won’t have some of the other flavors, but it will still be a delicious treat.
  • Coffee Liqueur— Some people think it is a tad silly to spike a coffee with a coffee flavored liqueur, but I think it is delicious. You can add in a touch of Kahlua or (one of my favorites) Crater Lake Spirit’s Hazelnut Espresso Vodka with a bit of cream and make a wonderfully decadent coffee. 
  • Green Walnut Liqueur— What? I had never even heard of green walnut liqueur until a recent tasting introduced me to Stone Barn Brandyworks’ Nocino. We bought it on the spot. I’ve found that this is one of my favorite mixers in my coffee. A little Nocino, almond milk creamer, and coffee and you have a tasty night cap on your hands!
  • Whiskey— There is nothing more classic (or satisfying) than a bit of whiskey spiking a cup of coffee. This is a favorite treat especially while camping or sitting around a fire pit!


Spiked Coffee Ideas from A Well Crafted Party



Okay, now I’m off to enjoy my Saturday. I’ve got my bullet journal (hello new organizing obsession), pens, and my favorite mug ready to go. Well, that and a splash of something tasty in my coffee. It is Saturday, after all!


What is your favorite way to spike your coffee?

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