Saturday Spirits: Vodka Slushies

Vodka Slushies -Grown Up Summer Goodness from A Well Crafted Party

Two words—Vodka Slushies. My first job was at a drive-in that served delicious, sweet slushies in a variety of flavors. I drank those things ALL SUMMER LONG. Now days I try to stay away from that much sugar and typically enjoy my sweet drinks in the form of an adult beverage. So, for today’s Saturday Spirits I combined my summer-time favorite and favorite vodka cocktails for two fantastic vodka slushies featuring Ménage à Trois Vodka. I was sent a bottle of  Ménage à Trois Vodka for purposes of creating a recipe to share with readers. All opinions are my own. For more information about my sponsored content please visit my policies page. 


Vodka Slushies -Grown Up Summer Goodness from A Well Crafted Party

Vodka Slushies Inspired by Classic Cocktails

Vodka is such a versatile beverage. It is one of my favorite cocktail ingredients hands down. My bar ALWAYS has vodka stocked. I love all the classic vodka cocktails from a classic vodka martini to a bloody mary.  Two classic vodka cocktails inspired these delicious vodka slushies that are perfect for summer— a salty dog and screwdriver! Read on to see how to make both the classic versions of these cocktails and the slushie version!

Vodka Slushies -Grown Up Summer Goodness from A Well Crafted Party


Classic Screwdriver & Classic Salty Dog

These two drinks are good ALL day long from brunch to sundown.


  • 2 oz Ménage à Trois Vodka (or your favorite brand vodka)
  • 4 oz of fruit juice (either Orange or Grapefruit)
  • Ice
  • Rocks Glass


Fill a rocks glass with ice. Top with 2 oz of vodka then add 4 oz of orange juice. Stir to incorporate. Garnish with an orange and enjoy!

Salty Dog

A Salty Dog is a Greyhound cocktail with salt on the rim. To make a Salty Dog rim a rocks glass with kosher salt, fill with ice, pour 2 oz of vodka on ice, and then add 4 oz of grapefruit juice. Stir to incorporate. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge and enjoy!


Freeze your fruit juice and blend with your favorite vodka for a tasty summer cocktail! Recipe from A Well Crafted Party


Make them into slushies

There are two ways to make these classic cocktails into slushies. The first is if you are in a rush. the results will be tasty, but they won’t have quite the same consistency as the second.

Vodka Slushies -Grown Up Summer Goodness from A Well Crafted Party


First Method:

Pour your completed cocktail into a blender and blend away! Pour the blended cocktail into a glass serve with garnish and a straw!


Vodka Slushies -Grown Up Summer Goodness from A Well Crafted Party


Second Method (preferred method):

The night before you plan to make the cocktails fill a few ice cube trays with your juice of choice and freeze. Use the frozen fruit juice to build your drink in the blender. Each drink takes approximately 6 ice cubes to 2 oz vodka. Garnish and then serve with a straw!


Pro Tip: Keep frozen fruit juice cubes in a ziplock in your freezer for impromptu vodka slushies or deliciously cold mimosas!

Tell me… what is your favorite cocktail that features vodka?


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