Easy Fondue Dessert with Pourable Fruit

Easy Fondue Dessert- Pourable Fruit

I’m not gonna lie… sweet, romantic meals  and moments with my husband are a lot harder to come by now that we have both a toddler and an infant. We try to steal moments of romance where we can, including the small time after bedtime where we are still awake and the baby is still sleeping. Whipping up this sweet, utterly romantic and easy fondue is made super simple by pourable fruit.

Yes, you can make your own pourable fruit by macerating fruit and smashing it up… but, that takes TIME people! Time is absolutely of the essence right now. I’m taking advantage of this no fuss and super yummy product to steal back moments in the day that would have been spent in the kitchen working and now I’m able to spend them dipping things in deliciousness. It is a good trade off, especially since I still get to enjoy the Oregon berries that I love so much.

This dessert can be made for a crowd (as I have in the pictures above) or for two by just changing up the quantities of dippers and pouring just a tad less of the dips. I can’t even call this a recipe as you are simply assembling the platter!

Simple Fondue Dessert for Two or a Crowd

Ingredients/Supplies for this easy fondue dessert:

Please note that this dessert is entirely flexible and can change according to your tastes.

  • Pourable fruit of choice OR purred fruit of choice — We used both Strawberry and Raspberry Oregon Fruit Pourable Fruit Topping
  • 12 oz Chocolate of choice for melting— I chose dark chocolate chunks to melt, but a milk, white, or semi-sweet would be fine as well
  • 1 and 1/4 cups Heavy Cream— This will be used with the chocolate to make it nice and dippable
  • Dipping items— This is the fun part! Choose what you’d like to dip! I chose cream puffs, pears, and bananas. Other good options would be shortbreads, pound cakes, marshmallows, donuts, apple slices or other fruits.
  • Microwave, Double Broiler or heat proof bowl over pot of simmering water

Easy Fondue Dessert


There really couldn’t be anything more simple than this dessert. The only thing you have to prepare at all is the chocolate dip and it is as simple as slowly heating your cream and adding your chocolate to melt.

1. Assemble everything but the chocolate

Assembling this desert is super simple. You only need to cut and put dippers on a platter and fill small bowls with the pourable fruit.

Fruit puree takes a fondue dessert from ordinary to awesome. Fruit Puree takes a fondue dessert from ordinary to awesome.

2. Melt chocolate

Microwave: Heat your cream in the microwave careful not to boil the liquid. I heat it in 15 second bursts for about 1 minute. Every fifteen seconds I give it a little stir. After the cream is heated add in your chocolate and let it sit for a bit. Stir to incorporate. If the chocolate didn’t all melt go ahead and put back in the microwave for short bursts of 15 seconds until melted. Chocolate burns easily, so the short bursts of heat is needed to not burn the chocolate.

Double Broiler or Heat Proof Bowl Over Simmering Pot of Water: Heat your cream in the top bowl, stirring occasionally. Once cream is at a slow simmer (do not boil!) take off the heat and add in the chocolate. Let the mixture sit for a moment. Once you see the chocolate starting to melt. Stir until incorporated. If chocolate doesn’t completely melt, put on heat for just a moment more, stirring the whole time.

 3. Pour chocolate in bowl and serve!

Finally, pour your fondue chocolate mixture into a bowl and serve. The fondue mixture will harden without heat. You can always put the chocolate into a fondue pot, (this tealight warmer (aff link) is a great little fondue pot for a simple chocolate fondue) or extend the time for the dippers by pre-heating your bowl before adding the chocolate.

Simple fondue dessert

Dipping items into the fruit puree breaks up this fondue dessert and makes it feel a lot less heavy than a traditional fondue. It is an absolute pleasure to the tastebuds!

Pourable Fruit

Pick up pourable fruit with actual Oregon grown berries in your freezer section at the grocery store. Visit the Oregon Fruit website to use the product search feature to see where you can pick some up locally. I found mine at the local Fred Meyer, but Portland area has several different grocery stores carrying the Pourable Fruit product.  Or, you can also order pourable fruit in cases  (aff link) from Amazon and pop into your own freezer to be used when you need it! Find out more about Oregon Fruit Products and their pourable fruit by visiting their website OregonFruit.Com.

Thank you to Oregon Fruit Products for sending me a complimentary sample of the pourable fruit — I’ve bought several more since!

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    Ohh that sounds tasty. I’ve seen the Oregon pourable fruit around but never though to try it. On my radar now… and so are those mini cream puffs… yum 🙂
    Mary @ Vindulge recently posted…Smoked Sausage and Hatch Chili Beer Cheese Dip — THE VIDEO!My Profile

  2. Reply

    This is such a good idea to do dippable fruit in addition to the chocolate! Mm, what a great idea for a party.

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    Interactive food, so fun for a party!!

  4. This looks delicious and even somewhat healthy – I’m sure kids would love it!
    Erin @ Platings and Pairings recently posted…Wine Tasting in Eugene, OregonMy Profile

    1. Jenni

      Mine sure did! And, it was a lot easier than getting out all the fondue supplies. 😀

  5. Reply

    What a neat idea! I love making cheese fondue, but haven’t done much fruit/dessert fondue. The pourable fruit is brilliant! I’m going to have to give this a try.

    1. Jenni

      Thanks so much. It was seriously tasty!

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