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Lately, due to sickness, I have been less than productive. However, I am usually pretty productive.
I like to get things done and I like to do a lot of things. My freelance work has also had me juggling a variety of different responsibilities. Being a mom is busy. In general… I have a permanent to do list that will never, ever be finished because I keep adding items to it!

I am always utilizing a variety of tools to help keep me organized and on track. Hopefully some of these items will be as useful to you as they are to me.


My Tools & Tips for Productivity:

Tool: Pen & Paper— I have a lot of tools I use that are more digitally based. However, there just isn’t anything like pen and paper for keeping my head on straight. When I am stressed out my husband hands me my notebook and tells me to make a list. He knows me well. I sometimes just need to write things out and get a game plan before I can move on to getting things done. I really like my Semikolon Mucho Spiral Book (affiliate link) because it has perforated pages that are divided into three sections of lined, blank, and graph paper. There is also a pocket in the back that I can put loose paper or business cards in while I am out.
Tips for Pen & Paper Productivity: 

  • Keep all of your daily notes in one notebook. It is hard to keep up with several different notebooks from day to day. I like getting a notebook that will easily fit in my purse.
  • Keep a pen & notebook with you at all times.
  • Use post it notes to bookmark important pages.
  • Use binders to organize information that you have put down in your notebook and finished or need to refer to later. I have notebooks for my different websites and freelance jobs to organize things that I need to keep long-term.

Tool:— As I’ve said before… I like lists. I like that has the ability for me to schedule to do items, prioritize, organize by project, and mark off individually. I also like that there is a mobile app and a bookmark bar widget. Whenever I open my browser I see the red TD symbol and the number of items I need to do. I also like that if I miss something I can “postpone” or “do today” and it will automatically be added to the appropriate list. Finally, has “Karma” that adds up when you do items on your todo list. You don’t really get anything out of it… but, it does motivate me to get more items done on my list.

Tips for Productivity:
  • Use if you are often online for work. You’ll see it more often than if you only get on your computer once a day.
  • Utilize the ability to separate your projects out. It will help you prioritize your needs. This tool works really well for me in scheduling out posts.
Tool:30/30 iPhone app by Binary Hammer— Does anyone else have problems staying focused on one task? Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram all get in my way when I am working on items that have to get done. The 30/30 app helps me stay focused. It is a way of scheduling out alarms for tasks. Basically, when I need to focus I will set my app to sound alarms after 30 minutes of writing, then give me a five minute break, and then back to writing for 30 minutes.
Tips for 30/30 app Productivity: 
  • Be realistic with your time— If you have two hours to work… know that you will not be able to spend all of that time on one task.
  • Give yourself small breaks.
  • Stick to the times you set yourself. If you work for thirty minutes on a project and are still not finished. Take your break and come back to the project when you have more allotted time. You’ll find that the more you use this technique, the more efficient your work becomes.
What tools do you use to keep yourself organized and productive? 

This is not a sponsored post. However, there is an affiliate link in this post. Affiliate links help support this blogger. 

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    • Love Sparkle Pretty
    • April 23, 2013

    I am getting a iPhone on Wednesday so I will definitely be using this 30/30 app! Thanks so much for sharing because it is SO hard to stick to a schedule with a busy life!

  1. Reply

    I am such a list person! I have to write things down .. and then LOVE it when I get to check them off!

  2. Reply

    I love lists SO MUCH!!! They’re pretty much all that keep me sane!

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