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2013 to 2016 Blog Planner

We hear over and over again that planning is the key to successful blogging. For some people, it is! Planning and organizing out blog posts, collaborations, affiliations, sponsors, and the like can get overwhelming easily. It is a good idea to keep your plans all in one central location whether it be on your computer, online, or on paper. For people out there that LOVE the feel of paper in hand, or want a place that is non-tech based to hash through post ideas, or even have a way of posting up your schedule so that you can see it everyday… I made these printables!

I created a set of free printable blog planning sheets for the Portland Bloggers’ January Meet-Up from this past weekend. I’ve been utilizing them in my own planning now and am finding them super helpful. Check them out and hopefully you’ll find one or two that can help make your blog planning go a little more smoothly.

Photo taken by The Boho Mama and used with permission from Portland Bloggers
Photo taken by The Boho Mama and used with permission from Portland Bloggers

The free printables in the blog planning package include:

  • Monthly Blog Post Planning Calendar— Each sheet has an open month calendar so that you can put the month and dates in. Each day on the calendar has popular social networking symbols with check boxes so that you can check off when you’ve promoted a post.
  • Weekly Blog Post Planning Calendar— Some people prefer to plan out their blog posts in more detail and on a weekly basis. The weekly calendar also has social networking symbols. It also has an area for weekly blog maintenance and SEO planning prompts.
  • Events and Holidays— A list of events and holidays. This is not a comprehensive list by any means… it also has all of the dates for the upcoming Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Ups.
  • Blog Post Brainstorming Worksheet A blog post planning sheet
  • Blog Collaboration Worksheet A place to track collaborative projects and responsibilities.
  • Blog Resolutions Tracker— A place to write and track blog goals and resolutions
  • Finance Tracker— A place to record income and expenses
  • Affiliate Programs— A place to track affiliate programs
  • Sponsors— A place to track sponsors, payment, and responsibilities.
  • Stats & Analytics— A place to record your stats and analytics monthly
The above links go to a downloadable FREE PDF of each sheet of the printable planner. Download the ones you need!
(PS. I’d love to know what you think of the free blog planner, what items you’d like to see on an update, and how you are using them for your blog!) There will be a new set of printables out near the end of the year, so get your suggestions in soon!
* I created these free printables for personal use only.
The printables were first featured on the Portland Bloggers’ website (also owned by me).


A Well Crafted Party Free Printable Blog Planner


Want more blogging resources? Check out these great sites and ebooks!

(Affiliate links may be used below. Affiliate links help pay for the great free content on this blog with no additional cost to you, my lovely readers!)

  • Who doesn’t want to blog about something they love AND make money? I found this e-book by Kelly Bejelly super useful: How to Make Money Blogging Blueprint
  • Sometimes this whole blogging gig can get overwhelming and it is easy to think– am I doing this right? should I be doing this? I found Joy Cho’s book “Blog, Inc” incredibly inspirational.
  • You know those amazing blogs that give you so much information that you have to keep coming back to the posts over and over again? The Co-Schedule blog is that for me. I save the posts, share them, print them, USE them every week. It is a great free resource for bloggers who want tips on marketing their blogs.
  • ProBlogger is another website I go to often. Their e-book “ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income” is chock-full of great tips.

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Jenni is a freelance writer and media assistant based in Portland, OR. A Well Crafted Party is a blog about all the little things to celebrate in life. Follow Jenni or A Well Crafted Party with BlogLovin, RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.
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  1. Reply

    You are so good to us! You are single-handedly keeping my life more organized.

    1. Jenni

      Yay! I hope you’ve been able to utilize them!

  2. Reply

    Jenni, How do you have time for doing all this? I’m amazed. Thank you for these handouts. I have a tough time keeping motivated, but I always seem to post a couple times of month. You are an inspiration! jf

    1. Jenni

      Haha… thanks… most the time when I am designing one thing I am just putting off my writing. The fact that you’ve written as much as you have is the real inspiration!

  3. Reply

    I love this! Can’t wait to print them off and put them to use! Good Work Jenni!

    1. Jenni

      Yay! I hope they helped with the blog planning!

  4. Reply

    Great job on the printables lady! Your computer prowess continues to awe me!

  5. Reply

    Thanks ladies! I’m having trouble with my commenting (will be fixing soon) and for some reason cannot comment back to each of you. And, unless you come back here you may not see this… but, I really appreciate you stopping by and I am glad you like the printables!

  6. Reply

    Fabulous, just what I needed. Found you at anti-procrastination Tuesday and am so glad I did!

  7. Reply

    Jenni, Yours is so colorful! Great ideas!

    1. Jenni

      Thanks so much!

  8. Reply

    thaks a lot, these are beautyfull. I’ve a little problem: i’m not able to see the Events and Holidays sheet and i see two time the Blog Post Brainstorming Worksheet

    1. Jenni

      Thanks so much! I’ll fix that right away.

  9. Reply

    What a generous gift! This will be so helpful for me. I get overwhelmed thinking of all the things I should be on top of. This makes it so easy. Thank you so much!

    • Michael
    • June 24, 2013

    Thanks so much for these printables. I feel like my blog life is getting out of control! These will be great to rebalance and stay on top of everything, aside from real life.

    1. Jenni

      yay! I hope they help. I know that they’ve got me into better habits!

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  11. Reply

    Thank you so much for these handouts! I can’t wait to start using them to get a little more organized!!

    1. Jenni

      Yay! I’m so glad you like them. I hope they help… they’ve been so helpful to me! And, please, if you find that there is anything missing let me know as I am prepping for an update! (PS– love your blog name. I have a thing for Cherry Blossoms as well! )

  12. I would love to see a monthly calendar without the social media stuff. And perhaps a sheet that’s more planning/information oriented for brainstorming/starting new posts that’s not quite so bubble oriented. As my blog is growing I need to keep better track. I’m usually 100% digital but can’t seem to keep it together on the computer, so I need to go to paper for it.

    Definitely keep the social media promotion checkboxes with the posts! That’s the big downfall I see on most blogging calendars! Can’t wait to be a little more organized. Thank you!!

    1. Jenni

      That is AWESOME feedback! I agree about the monthly calendar. I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and find I use the social media reminders more on the weekly calendar than the monthly. I am also thinking about adding a more detailed one for people who blog more than once a day. Thanks so much… I hope it helps!

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  14. Reply

    I love this planner! The colors are great and the layout is perfect. I would love for you to share this at the Krafty Inspiration Thursday Link Party over at Krafty Cards etc.
    Thanks for the inspiration and the printables!

    1. Jenni

      Thanks so much!

    • RaquelVP @ Disciplineville
    • August 11, 2013

    Jenni this is fantastic. I pinned it right-away in my ‘work-organized’ board. Thank you.

    1. Jenni

      Yay! I hope it is useful. If you use it and find that there is something missing or that something wasn’t needed at all I’d really appreciate you letting me know! I’m crafting new ones for 2014 and want them to be AMAZING. Thanks so much for pinning and commenting!

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  16. Reply

    Love these!! I am an organize-aholic and this is exactly what I needed! Thanks!

    Something I thought of is a list to keep track of products that are delivered to you and what kind of review has to be done and by when. Also if there is a giveaway for it.
    Lois Jones recently posted…Woolzies Dryer Balls Are A Wonderful Addition To My Laundry Room & A Giveaway!!!My Profile

    1. Jenni

      Love that! I will definitely add that idea to the list of things to do!

  17. Reply

    Thanks so much for these printable planning sheets. I really need something I can use when I’m hanging with my toddler and can’t get access to my computer but my brain is spitting out topic ideas! These are really cute as well.

    • Kaitlin Jenkins
    • September 26, 2013

    These are awesome, thank you!

    I write two blogs so this will help me keep on track with everything, and restore a bit of sanity.
    Kaitlin Jenkins recently posted…Listy-LouMy Profile

    • Joni
    • September 28, 2013

    I am in the process of starting up my website and blog as well as repurposing/refinishing furniture and decor. With everything going on I do not have time to create anything and have had a difficult time finding planners/templates that would work for what I need. What you have made is gorgeous as well functional! You have everything needed ready to go or just needing a couple of tweaks. I thank you soooooooo much for making these available, it makes life a lot less stressful! Once I have my site up and running I would love to offer a link to this as well as the other helps and how to’s that you offer!

    BTW, my website is being created, I hope to have a temporary site running in the next couple of days. Being one that feels you only have one first impression, I have fought myself over the look and navigation of the site. You have done a fantastic job and give off a warm and inspiring first impression! If you have ANY helpful advice or hints I would LOVE for you to send them my way!!

    1. Jenni

      Thank you so much! That means a lot. I’m sure I have a ton of advice… however, lately I’ve been needing to take my own advice when it comes to my blog. Life sometimes gets in the way. Try to treat your blog (business) as much like you would a real brick and mortar business. Keep your space clean, clutter free. Open your doors every day. Etc. Good luck!

  18. Reply

    I just found these and LOVE them! I was thinking about making my own – and you did it for me! I found you via Southern Beauty Guide and am so thankful! Thanks!


    1. Jenni

      Ahhhh… thanks so much! That means a lot! I’m trying to finish up an update soon with lots more fun pages!

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    • Tatjana
    • December 23, 2013

    Thank you very much on your effort! It will make a difference in my life in 2014!

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    1. Jenni

      Thank you for sharing my printables! Check back next week– I’ll have updates for the printables along with a few new sheets!

  22. Reply

    Thank you for sharing these printables!! I totally need some bloggy organization!
    I truly appreciate this!

    p.s. I pinned this to my Bloggy Tips, Tricks, and Freebie Group board >

    1. Jenni

      Thank you for pinning! Check out the blog next week…. I’ll have an update to the printables including a few new pages!

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  24. Reply

    Thanks so much for creating and sharing these printables!

  25. Reply

    Thank you for these printables. I love them! Although I design blogs, I rarely blog myself. Consistent blogging is one of my goals for this year. This will be a helpful resource for both myself, friends and my clients. I ‘ve pinned it and posted it on FB so that I can refer them to your site.

    Christin recently posted…Current SpecialsMy Profile

    1. Jenni
      • Jenni
      • February 20, 2014

      Thanks so much! That means a lot. 🙂 Blogging more consistently is one of my goals too… and, boy, does this thing help!

    • Linda
    • February 18, 2014

    Love your blog planning sheets but I had a question on something on the Brainstorming sheet. What does SEO stand for?

    Thank you for sharing. I plan on starting a new blog soon and I hope to do better with the new one than I did with the old one. 🙂

    1. Jenni
      • Jenni
      • February 20, 2014

      Linda– great question! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You can fall into a research hole looking that term up and learning a lot of great information for writing posts that Search Engines will find. I use that area to write out keywords that I think people would search for and then (sometimes) use Google Adwords Keyword tool to see the best combination of keywords to get my post noticed.

  26. Reply

    These are sooo great! I’ve been searching for a blog planner and your pages are my fave so far. I especially love the blog brainstorm sheet. I find that’s the biggest downfall for the majority of planners — they don’t have a space to brainstorm ideas! I don’t know if you’re still taking input for the pages, but if you are my only recommendation would be to not use the yellow/light golden colors. I don’t know if it’s my printer, but it gets hard to see once I print it (this is mostly on the blog brainstorming page). Also for the weekly, if you could make the boxes for each day a bit bigger just to give a bit more writing space. For the brainstorm page as well- if there’s a way to make the bubbles bigger to just have more writing space. Also, it would be great to have a blog series brainstorm page. Overall, I love them! What program do you use to make your printables? I want to start making my own but have no idea where to start!

    1. Jenni
      • Jenni
      • February 20, 2014

      That is a great idea! I came across that problem with the yellow while printing this last time (with a different printer than the first set I made) and was thinking about doing that myself. I use Illustrator for my printables. Though, you could make a good set of printables with Word as well.

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    • Katey
    • May 14, 2014

    Wow! Thank you so much for this!!

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    • Tidy Betty
    • July 1, 2014

    Thank you!!! This is a awesome printable I am sooo thankful you took the time to do this! its going save me so major head aches!!

    1. Jenni

      Oh yeah! So glad to hear. I hope to have some updates soon and a fresh design each year!

    2. Jenni

      Yay! Glad to hear!

  32. Reply

    Thank you soooo much for the time you spend on this. This is really great ! This is a pretty good way to keep me organized !

    1. Jenni

      So glad to hear! Thank you!

    • Lisa
    • July 20, 2014

    Where do i click to down load the free printables for blog planning. Love your website!

    1. Jenni

      Lisa, Did you get to the free printables? You just have to sign up to be a member of my mailing list and you’ll receive an email with a link. Please email me if it didn’t work and I’ll send you a direct link! Thank you so much!

    • Lisa
    • July 22, 2014

    Yes, got the printables and they are amazing. Thank You.
    Eactly what i should of used a few Months ago. Now feeling very organised.
    Look forward to reading your newsletters.

  33. Reply

    These are just lovely. I am a huge fan of anything colorful so I just fell in love with these. I especially like the bubble graphics on the brainstorming sheets.
    One thing I would love to see is a nice pretty cover sheet. My binder needs a cover and I’m just fussy enough to want it to match what is inside. 🙂 I’ll let you know if I come up with anything else once I’ve started using it!
    Thanks again for the free sheets!
    Samantha Ladd recently posted…How I Became a Good CookMy Profile

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    • laura
    • February 10, 2015

    OMGSH! This is amazing!! Thank you!
    laura recently posted…A Pink ShowerMy Profile

    1. Jenni
      • Jenni
      • February 17, 2015

      Yay! So glad you liked it! I hope you got my email yesterday sharing the newest pages!

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  40. Reply

    These are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Brenda recently posted…The latest, and best, cups for your EggnogMy Profile

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      • mehemiah
      • October 17, 2015

      Great template

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    • Anita
    • November 15, 2016

    These are great resources. Thank you for sharing. Are you bringing out the 2017 version soon?

    1. Jenni
      • Jenni
      • November 15, 2016

      I am! I hope to have it done in about a month. Thank you for asking.

    2. Jenni
      • Jenni
      • November 21, 2016

      I am! I aim to have it out before the new year. 🙂

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