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We hear over and over again that planning is the key to successful blogging. For some people, it is! Planning and organizing out blog posts, collaborations, affiliations, sponsors, and the like can get overwhelming easily. It is a good idea to keep your plans all in one central location whether it be on your computer, online, or on paper. For people out there that LOVE the feel of paper in hand, or want a place that is non-tech based to hash through post ideas, or even have a way of posting up your schedule so that you can see it everyday… I made these printables!

I created a set of free printable blog planning sheets for the Portland Bloggers’ January Meet-Up from this past weekend. I’ve been utilizing them in my own planning now and am finding them super helpful. Check them out and hopefully you’ll find one or two that can help make your blog planning go a little more smoothly.

Photo taken by The Boho Mama and used with permission from Portland Bloggers

Photo taken by The Boho Mama and used with permission from Portland Bloggers

The free printables in the blog planning package include:

  • Monthly Blog Post Planning Calendar— Each sheet has an open month calendar so that you can put the month and dates in. Each day on the calendar has popular social networking symbols with check boxes so that you can check off when you’ve promoted a post.
  • Weekly Blog Post Planning Calendar— Some people prefer to plan out their blog posts in more detail and on a weekly basis. The weekly calendar also has social networking symbols. It also has an area for weekly blog maintenance and SEO planning prompts.
  • Events and Holidays— A list of events and holidays. This is not a comprehensive list by any means… it also has all of the dates for the upcoming Portland Bloggers’ Meet-Ups.
  • Blog Post Brainstorming Worksheet A blog post planning sheet
  • Blog Collaboration Worksheet A place to track collaborative projects and responsibilities.
  • Blog Resolutions Tracker— A place to write and track blog goals and resolutions
  • Finance Tracker— A place to record income and expenses
  • Affiliate Programs— A place to track affiliate programs
  • Sponsors— A place to track sponsors, payment, and responsibilities.
  • Stats & Analytics— A place to record your stats and analytics monthly
The above links go to a downloadable FREE PDF of each sheet of the printable planner. Download the ones you need!
(PS. I’d love to know what you think of the free blog planner, what items you’d like to see on an update, and how you are using them for your blog!) There will be a new set of printables out near the end of the year, so get your suggestions in soon!
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* I created these free printables for personal use only. The printables were first featured on the Portland Bloggers’ website (also owned by me).

Loving all these free printables and want to fuel more free printable designs?

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