{Recipe} Blinis with Crème Fraîche and Caviar

This is a guest post featuring one of the delicious hors d’oeuvres that was pictured in the Chic & Modern New Year’s Eve party featured on Pizzazzerie.com. This is part of a Portland Blogger’s Collaboration photo shoot and post series. Read on to see a recipe for a delicious (and easy!) party appetizer: The Blini with Creme Fraiche and Caviar.

Today’s post is brought to you by Kate from Fork & Vine. Check out Kate’s website for some more appetizer ideas & a delicious cocktail idea from the photo shoot and some amazing recipes, reviews, and glimpses into Kate’s wonderful life. My favorite posts include: Apple Cider & Cranberry Punch, Colorblock like it’s Hot— an outfit post, and pretty much ALL of her Spirit Saturday posts!

Blinis with Crème Fraîche and Caviar

by Kate of Fork and Vine
(yields 12)
The blinis and creaminess from the crème fraîche add a nice balance to the salty, nutty flavor of the caviar. Caviar can be expensive, but a little bit can go a long way. Affordable andmore sustainable alternatives to Sturgeon Caviar are Paddlefish, Hackleback or Salmon Roe.You can find these from your local fish market or online at Marky’s (however, they get youwith shipping charges).

1 ½ cups of whole milk
1 ½ tablespoons super fine sugar
2 ½ teaspoons dry yeast
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/3 cup buckwheat flour
1 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons melted unsalted butter
3 large eggs, lightly beaten

Crème Fraîche
1 oz Caviar

  1. In a small saucepan, heat the milk and sugar until just starting to bubble (not boil) aroundthe edge of the pan. Remove from heat and cool until just warm to the touch. Sprinkle yeaston top and let stand for 5 minutes.
  2. In a large bowl, combine, the flours and salt. Sift until fine. In a small saucepan, melt thebutter and stir in the milk mixture and then add melted butter and milk to flour mixture.
  3. Mix until smooth. Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap and let rise until mixture has
    doubled in size, about 1-2 hours.
  4. After the batter has risen, incorporate the eggs and beat until smooth. Heat a cast iron panor griddle to medium and lightly grease. Pour several servings (small amount, silver-dollarsize) of batter into pan. 
  5. Once tiny bubbles appear, flip.
  6. Allow Blinis to cool slightly and then add a dollop of crème fraîche and a small spoonful ofcaviar.


Thank you so much to Kate for sharing this recipe with us. This little delight was my very first taste of caviar… OMMMMMGGGGEEE. I see now why it is a big deal. Tasted heavenly!

Follow along this week and next for more of this party, first featured on Pizzazzerie.com! I’ll be featuring a tasty cocktail, an appetizer recipe, a few DIY projects, and some DIY party tips for your NYE party!

A BIG thank you to my NYE party collaborators— 
Check out their blogs!
Photography: Macey of Motormouth Studios
Event Styling: ME! of A Well Crafted Party
Menu: Bee of The Spicy Bee and Kate of Fork and Vine
Venue Styling: Adi of Garden of Edlen
Model Styling: Sarah of The Confessions of a Product Junkie
Models: Sarah, Carter, Kate, Will, Adi, Matt, Kayla of Fit Life Forward and Suzannah of Adventures in Dressmaking


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    Thanks for featuring my recipe Jenni! I had a lot of fun working on the collaboration with you and all….and thanks to Macey for taking such wonderful photographs! Cheers!

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