{Friday Finds} Neon

I really, really try to like neon. 
I do. But, most the time it reminds me of this: 
Old photo of me sporting neon tie-dye
or this: 
Hubby sporting neon when he was younger. He had just scraped up his face pretty bad in a bike accident…boys, eh?
But, there are some people out there doing neon right. 
I applaud the following for making neon look good:
1. This neon polkadot lunch sac via A Fabulous Fete is awesome. Of course, anything A Fabulous Fete does is awesome—check out her Summer Etsy product shoot in all its bright-colored goodness.
2. These neon beer bottles turned vases are so bright and cheery. Hey, they may even glow in the dark so you can see your pretty flowers at night as well! (disclaimer: probably don’t actually glow in the dark)
3. Cupcakes and Cutlery makes neon look like SO much fun. Her “Neon & Neutral So Glad You Were Born” party is such a fabulous idea for a birthday party. 
4. The above party was also featured on Hostess with the Mostess blog….where I also found an awesome Neon & Radical 80’s themed 30th birthday bash. Celebrating a milestone birthday with a party based on the decade they were born– totally rad. Also on HWTM— “He Makes My Heart Glow: Neon Bridal Shower” which not only has a great, original theme, but also uses the neon trend with washi tape and gold fringe banners. This party is more than a little bit trendy and I love it.
5. Then, there are some of my real-life blogging buddies pulling off neon in such a stylish and fashionable way that I’ve been thinking I need some in my closet once again (might stay away from the tie-dyed variety though):
  • Check out Sam’s awesome neon-licious outfit utilizing a skinny neon belt paired with a neon top.  Or, her guest post over at Freckled Fashionista showing how to bring neon details into an outfit without going over the top.
  • Sarah pulls off wearing neon and looking polished and professional… which I never thought would be a feasible thing. Funky? definitely. Sweet? Possibly. Trendy? If done right. Ridiculous? If done wrong. But, professional and polished? Never thought it would happen, but she does it right. She also has great tips on how to wear neon without looking like a glow stick.
So, how about you… are you feeling neon?

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  1. Reply

    I don’t wear neon much, but I do have one neon pink tank top that I bought recently. Haven’t worn it much since it keeps raining though!

  2. Reply

    haha! oh yes, and the bike shorts.. i really hope i don’t have to try and like those again either:)

    • Sam
    • June 9, 2012

    Thanks for the neon love Jenni 🙂

  3. Well, looks like I’m going to have to try something neon… I like the look but have yet to pull it off! But, next month’s EBEW challenge is neon. http://www.everybodyeverywear.com/ Funny I was just telling you about it!

  4. Reply

    haha. stay clear of the tie dye but totally go for the neons. lol. Love this post, girlie. If you get a sec, I just posted my new guest post for Lauren Conrad and pictures of my wedding dress. Eeek. Love if you could stop by. xo


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