{Toddler Style} Seven Days of Style Challenge

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Way back nearly a month ago I participated in a style challenge with a bunch of other mommas on Instagram. I wanted to share the #7daysofstyle that me and my little guy participated in. I think it made him into a little style-hound though…. now he goes up to the mirror and plays with his hair!

Here are the three pieces that I worked with for a week:

My goals for the challenge:

  1. Use three different pieces and style at least ONE in every outfit for 7 days STRAIGHT.
  2. Use a traditionally “girly” color in every outfit. (I think this will be a fun challenge to keep him looking like a little boy while still wearing colors like pink or purple.)
  3. Make something for him to wear.
I hit two of the three goals! By the weekend I had to give up on the second goal because I ran out of items with either pink or purple. I made the kiddo a tie for day two’s outfit.

Day One Outfit Details: This outfit might be proof of my love of Target: slip on shoes // Target, Shaun White Grey Skinnies // Target , Checkered Shirt (looks red in photos, but in person it is magenta/pink/rose colored) // Target, solid polo // Target Day Two Outfit Details: Hand-me-down Vanns shoes // Target, Shaun White Grey Skinnies // Chambray Shirt, Old Navy // Tie, made by me // Plaid Hat, H&M



Day Three Outfit Details: Green high-top sneakers, Old Navy // Arizona Toddler Jeans, JCPenney // Checkered Shirt (looks red in photos, but in person it is magenta/pink/rose colored), Target // Carters Body Suit, Forgot where I purchased Day Four Outfit Details: Hand-me-down Vanns shoes //  Cherokee Infant/Toddler Blazer, Target // Purple Pocket Square, made by me // Skinny Jeans // Old Navy // denim newsboy cap, H&M



Day Five Outfit Details: Green high-top sneakers, Old Navy // Arizona Toddler Jeans, JCPenney // Checkered Shirt (looks red in photos, but in person it is magenta/pink/rose colored), Target // blue cardigan, H&M Day Six Outfit Details: Twill Deck Shoes, Old Navy // Shaun White Grey Skinnies, Target // Striped Sweater, Target



Day Seven Outfit Details:  solid polo, Target // Grey Cords, Target


I obviously took the easy way out on day seven… we stayed at home all day and I didn’t feel up to much styling! 


It was a lot of fun playing around with different outfits for the kiddo. I liked that the challenge actually made me get outside with the little guy to take his photo. We ended up playing outside for a long time and had a ball! Although, I did get this “Mom, stop taking photos already” look pretty often!



 This post was not sponsored by any of the above mentioned companies. I purchased all items for this post. However, the links above are affiliate links… and, if you are buying those items online I’d sure appreciate you using those links to help support this blog! Thanks!

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  1. Reply

    Love it! I do like the challenge of dressing a boy. With a girl it’s so easy! Only problem is now he has way too big of an opinion for my liking.

  2. Reply

    Oh my goodness, that picture of him for day 5 is precious!!! And those green high tops?! Shut UP so cute!!!!

  3. Reply

    He looked so cute!!! X is quite the stylish little one! 🙂

  4. Reply

    what a sweet idea. looks like you had a lot of fun ( and hopefully no stress). your pics of the lil guy are super good. kudos. and I see you are being very conscientious about disclosing that you did it entirely w.o gratuity. I read the new guidelines about that, too. you got it covered.

  5. Reply

    that last picture is classic. too cute!

  6. Reply

    X is seriously the cutest boy on the planet!!! I really need to meet him in person!

  7. Reply

    Your little man is adorable! How old is he? My guy is 16 months. We should get together sometime!

    1. Reply

      I’d love to!

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  10. Reply

    Ha! These pictures are so cute, I have the hardest time knowing how to dress my little boy when I want him to be more stylish. Thanks for the great ideas.

    1. Jenni

      Thanks so much! He is getting harder to dress now that he is older and much more opinionated! 😀

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