No Commitment Bangs

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I’m an average, every day girl with a lot of interests. Part of my blog rebranding is to incorporate more of the everyday things in life worth celebrating. While I don’t consider myself super fashionable or trendy, I do love fashion, makeup, and hair-styling. You’ll be seeing more and more posts about fashion and beauty. I will still be posting plenty of parties… but, you’ll also get a little glimpse into the everyday (and special occasion) beauty and fashion secrets of an average lady. Hopefully they will inspire you or at least entertain. :)

A couple of years ago I took the plunge and got my bangs cut. I loved them. I loved how my face changed with them. I loved how they framed my eyes. What I didn’t love was the commitment to the look and the commitment to getting my bangs trimmed (or attempting to do it myself) every two weeks or so.

I was super excited to see a tutorial (see video below) on how to create the look of bangs without the commitment of the cut. I think it would also be a great way to test out how bangs would look on your face-shape if you’d been thinking about chopping your locks.

I need a little more practice before the bangs work really well. But, it is a fun way to change my hair without the commitment of the chop. BTW… growing out hair SUCKS.

Check out the “Bangs with no cutting” tutorial below. And, if you try it out I’d love to see a picture! Instagram your look and tag me @jennibost #bangnobang ! There is also a chance to win some cold, hard CASH. Check out the Rules and Regulations for winning here and enter to win $100 or more in the Get Gorgeous Hair and Watch to Win Sweepstakes.

View the bangs with no cutting video from BlogHer TV:

*This post is part of a BlogHer TV promotion. I was able to pick a video I wanted to share and post about it as part of the promotion. All opinions and ideas expressed in this post are my own.

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