{Weekend in Review} Dinner with friends and Home Decor Work

This weekend was needed. It was restorative and easy. Next weekend (actually, this whole week) is going to be GO GO GO. So, a laid back weekend was ideal. We had friends— Bee from The Spicy Bee and her husband, Kevin— over for dinner on Friday. Homemade pizzas, drinks, and lots of talking ensued. I think that staying at home with a toddler has made me starved for conversation. I don’t think I stopped talking on Friday. We made and ate THREE pizzas. Bee, being awesome, made a homemade dough and created a spicy, thin-crust pizza. I bought some pre-made dough to try in my cast-iron skillet with rosemary… YUM. And, I tried making a pizza on puff pastry. I liked the puff pastry dough  a lot… although, notice how poofy it got! Next time I’ll do the puff pastry, but put olive oil and a good sea salt on the pan so it cooks into the dough.

Saturday I printed out a few photos, put up curtains, and bought a rug. We’ve had essentially NO budget to work on our home. But, a few little pieces here and there and things are finally coming together. We’ll be doing some painting of furniture as soon as the weather is better. I’ll post photos if and when we finally get things together!

Sunday I spent the day making crepes! I used Food For My Family’s recipe/tutorial for crepes, but the batter made so many crepes that we had them for breakfast, lunch, and dessert on Sunday. They were delicious though, so I am not complaining!
I also picked out three clothing items to style for a Seven Days of Style challenge I am participating in this week and sketched out my ideas. I’ll post more about that tomorrow! If you want to follow along to see some cute baby/toddler styles during the week check out my Instagram profile @JenniBost  or the hashtag #7daysofstyle .

What did you do this weekend?

Link up your posts/tweets/instagram pics of something you did this weekend.
 I’ll share some of my favorites on Sunday for my {What a Weekend} feature post!

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  1. Reply

    Mmmm, pizza…..

  2. Reply

    I added the button code to my post but, for some reason, it isn’t showing up!

    1. Reply

      It is for me! Thanks for adding your post!

  3. Reply

    Seriously, those pizza looks AMAZING. I also admire how you had crepes all day: did you mix it up and make sweet and savory ones?

    1. Reply

      The pizzas were tasty! And, it was my first time making crepes at home… much easier than I thought it’d be. I mixed it up! For breakfast we had a vanilla cream cheese & fresh strawberry stuffed crepe topped with strawberry syrup and powdered sugar. For lunch we did a spinach,turkey, and swiss crepe. Dessert we had apples with cinnamon sugar and the vanilla cream cheese. SOOOOO good.

  4. Reply

    I love a good homemade pizza! Those look delish!

    1. Reply

      Me too! They were so tasty. Makes me want more!

  5. Reply

    ok, I have to join with everyone and say, “PIZZA!” I’m a sucker for all things carbs and cheese:-) xoxo

    1. Reply

      Oh dear…. me too. I have had to cut out cheese before and have tried cutting DOWN on carbs. Both impossible for this cheesy carb lover.

  6. Reply

    Joined! I’m still sooooooo bummed that I missed out on the pizza and convo fun!

    1. Reply

      We missed you tons! We need to hang out soon.

  7. Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. That pizza looks amazing! 🙂

    1. Reply

      It was so nice doing nothing but hanging out and cooking all weekend.

    • Kira
    • March 5, 2013

    That pizza looks sooo good! I have never tried making pizza before, but man, it looks a lot better than Domino’s 🙂

    1. Reply

      It is pretty easy…. especially if you’re lazy like me and get the pre-made dough. And, they taste much better than dominos! 😉 Although, still have the cleanup of most homemade dishes. 😛

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