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Portland Vintage Wedding - A Well Crafted Party

I’m so excited to share these gorgeous photos taken by Sash Photography of this Vintage Sweet Portland Wedding. The beautiful bride and handsome groom are my friends, Alishia and Ryan. I was thrilled to be in attendance at a celebration that was so personal and touching. Enjoy the photos!

Table Decor:

The tables and centerpieces were some of my favorite parts of this wedding. The bride collected and borrowed vintage frames, vases, buttons, plates, silverware, and candle holders for months prior to her wedding. She topped squares of burlap with clusters of personal photos and loose, bouquets. She sprinkled the tables with buttons. Many of the guests roamed around to different tables checking out the photos, sometimes seeing their own smiling face staring back at them! Hand-made napkins and napkin holders sat on top of every mix & match plate. Mason jars with little hand-stamped tags that matched the wedding decor sat on the tables as well. Each place setting also had favors of Courier Coffee with hand-stamped bags, caramels from Sweet and Salty Caramels.

Food & Desserts:

Portland is famous for its food carts. The bride and groom celebrated that, and their love of good food, by choosing a local Thai food car, Sawsadee Thai,  to cater their wedding. The dessert table was a gorgeous turquoise colored dresser topped with vintage books, hand-lettered labels propped up by wine corks, and vintage linens. The gorgeous wedding cake, pictured above, was made by one of the bridesmaids!

Decor Details:

A lot of the decor details drawn out in the vignette sketches played out throughout the wedding beautifully. The alter area was basically built from the ground up in the middle of a field-like area. Hay bales, shutters, vintage watering cans, and lots of flowers made for the perfect backdrop. The aisle was lined with hanging jars that the bride’s mother put together the days leading up to the wedding. The bride and groom used fabric squares and fabric pens in lieu of a guestbook. They plan on putting the squares together to make a quilt sometime after their wedding. Cork covered balls, fabric poms, and jam jar lanterns hung from the trees above the dining area and in the seating areas.

Wedding Attire:

One of the things that really added personality to this wedding was the wedding attire chosen. The bride wore a vintage dress from Xtabay Vintage. She asked her bridesmaids to pick dresses that they liked in the general wedding color palette. I love, love, love this new trend and how well it played out with her bridesmaids. The groomsmen and groom wore a variation of tie, suspenders, vest, and slacks. I’m a big believer in matching the wedding attire to the venue/ feel of the wedding… this bride and groom NAILED IT.

Thank you!

Thank you so much to Ryan & Alishia for letting me be a part of their big day and letting me share it here with you. And, a big thank you goes out to Sash Photography for allowing me to post these amazing photos of the event!

Wedding Vendors:

Photography: Sash Photography
Venue: Victorian Acres — (Unfortunately no longer a venue facility…however, it is for sale!)
Decor Rentals: Something Borrowed and Barbur Rentals
Food:  Sawsadee Thai Food Cart
Favors: (1) coffee: Courier Coffee Roasters (2) caramels: Sweet and Salty Caramels
Beer: Lompoc Brewing
Dress: Xtabay Vintage Clothing 
Flowers: Swan Island Dahlias
Event Styling: Bride, Bridesmaids, and A Well Crafted Party

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    What a super sweet vintage look!! You did a very nice job creating a theme!!

    1. Reply

      Thanks… like I said, it was mainly all her and I just helped her visualize what she seemed to be telling me all about! I think it turned out just perfect for this bride and groom!

  2. Reply

    The hanging ball made of corks is totally awesome! Love that!

    1. Reply

      They were beautiful! The bride made them and she said they were certainly a labor of love. 🙂

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