DIY: Festive Appetizer Plate Upgrade

I try to use real plates and glassware at many of my parties so that I am not wasting paper goods or spending extra money on plates and napkins. (Don’t get me wrong though… I love a pretty paper item!) However, sometimes using my plain white plates at every event gets boring. I don’t want to go out and buy a ton of new dishes at every event… so, I came up with an easy and non-permanent way to upgrade my party dishes.

To upgrade your appetizer plates or glassware in a festive, non-permanent way you’ll need the following:

— Plates/glassware of choice. I used white dessert plates that I bought at HomeGoods for little money!
— A Sharpie in your color choice (I used gold)


  1. Using your sharpie, draw around the edge of the plate in a simple design. I usually sick to something like dots or lines to just give a little pop of a design. Keep your design at the edge of the plate, or away from the rim of a glass. Sharpie markers are not food safe.
  2. You’re DONE! Told you it was easy. The sharpie will last throughout the party. To wash the marker off let it sit with dish soap applied directly to the marked area for about thirty minutes and wash off.

If you want the marks to be permanent then you can cure them in an oven by putting them in a cold oven and then letting it get up to  350˚ F, leave for half an hour then turn the oven off. Let them sit in the oven until cool. I like to then leave them unused for 24 hours. Using a pen made for writing on porcelain, like the Porcelaine 150 pen, will garner more permanent results than a Sharpie.

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    Such an easy idea! I always thought it would be permanent but I’ll have to try this!

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