{Free Printables} You Are My Sunshine Party

I made a bunch of printables for my son’s birthday. I loved the grey, blue, and yellow color scheme and the printables really helped bring the theme throughout the party. My printables were pretty personalized (his name on everything), so I recently created some new designs for a You Are My Sunshine Birthday Party.
I went ahead and did a blue, yellow, and grey set of printable cupcake toppers (or party squares)
as well as a set of pink, yellow, and grey.

Printable Directions:
Save the PDF to your computer
Print PDF off on White Cardstock
Use as circles glued to toothpicks for cupcake toppers
OR cut out as squares and use as party decor

Loving all these free printables and want to fuel more free printable designs?

Cups of coffee are appreciated!



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