First Birthday Favor Ideas

I had NO idea what to give everyone as favors for a first birthday party. We were going to have little kids there as well as adults. I didn’t want to give the adults things that they were just going to throw away. But, I didn’t want to give the kids things with tons of sugar or that they wouldn’t care about. So, I opted to make two different favors and package them the same way.

Late night favor crafting

I bought little cotton bags for all of the favors to go in. I then took some of the Martha Stewart Paint in Marigold and painted large suns on each of the bags. After I painted the suns I took a sharpie pen and went in to highlight areas and add the words “You are my only sunshine.”

Photos by Motormouth Studio

The adults got wine coolers in summery flavors. Part of the reason I got this was because I wanted to add the tag that read, “You survived a first birthday party… drink up!”The other reason is because the brand is “B&J” and my husband’s name is Brian and my name is Jenni. I thought it funny. Ideas for other adult sunshine themed favors could include a homemade lemonade, pairs of sunglasses, sunscreen, or grill items.

The kiddos got a pair of sun glasses, a rubber ducky, and a travel sized sunscreen.

Every favor was attached to a balloon.

What has been your favorite favor at a kid’s party? I have several more years of party favors to do still.

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