{Real Party} Where the Wild Things Are First Birthday

You know, it is pretty awesome to have super talented and amazing friends. I love throwing a party any day of the week. But, sometimes it is just fun to go to a party and be surprised by all the lovely little details. Adi, from Garden of Edlen (a fellow Portland blogger), threw a top-notch, awesome birthday party for her son Jack’s first birthday. Adi went with a Do-It-Yourself approach to creating a party based on the book “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. Check out the awesome DIY details so you can create your very own “Where the Wild Things Are” First Birthday Party.

I’ll let the photos be your guide to the awesomeness that is “Jack’s Wild Rumpus.”

DIY Details:

  • Adi created a pennant banner using the pages of the actual book, “Where the Wild Things Are.” She was able to find (with help from family) several copies of the beloved children’s book.
  • She painted a canvas with an image from the book and cut out a space for guests to put their faces for a great photo booth prop. She added an Instagram tag on the back of the canvas so guests using their smart phones could post the photo to a tagged page. Check it out: #JacksWildRumpus
  • Small vignettes were created throughout the space using books, small props, and paper boats and crowns. I loved that the golden crowns also had little white ears poking out!
  • She created a gold crown for the birthday boy and  white ears for herself and her hubby.
  • Paper was used to cover votive candle holders. Adi created some of the characters from the book out of paper as well as several golden crowns.
  • A large wall of crepe paper streamers and curly ribbon in shades of green created a very jungle like backdrop to the event.
  • Moss on the cake table added the the nature feel of the whole event.
  • A HUGE print from one of the images of the book made a wonderful banner at one of the sides of the room.
Sources: Adi used cardstock and gold scrapbook paper for the votives from Michaels and she designed the cake and had it made by Lambs Thriftway in Wilsonville, OR
I hope you had as much fun looking through the photos of Jack’s Wild Rumpus as I did attending the awesome event. Check back tomorrow for tips on creating a Where the Wild Things Are hat for your kiddo!

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  1. Reply

    Fun fun!! Great collection of photos, really captures the party! Even the banner looks great–tricky because of the mirror but so cool!!

    • Kira
    • September 19, 2012

    What a great party!

  2. Reply

    so bummed to have missed this. I was camping on Labor Day weekend. I love little Jack! He is such a little man!

  3. Reply

    So CUTE!! That is the best children’s book. Great job capturing it!

    • grace
    • September 21, 2012

    Jenni you did a wonderful job capturing all of the details of the party. I enjoyed the photo and your story telling. Thanks! Grace P.S…. not to mention how much I enjoyed meeting you, your husband and your precious little one.

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