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When I saw the following photos that a friend of mine from the high school days posted of her daughter’s birthday party my jaw literally hung open. Lora Scantling is a talented photographer, wonderful mother, and all around awesome person… and man, can she throw a party! We featured her daughter’s Mad Tea Party a while back. Her little girls will have many fond birthday memories for sure. With no further ado… enjoy this submission from Scantling Photography (Yukon, Oklahoma)!

Look for great DIY elements, beautiful photo based invitations, and creative uses of the fairytale stories!


From Lora: “I decided that instead of the typical pink and purple disney princess themed party I would put my creative twist on it! I decided to hire a princess to start and base my theme around her. I went to I chose Belle and decided the colors for the party would be gold, silver, ivory, brown, and yellow (to match her dress).”

For the birthday girl, of course, I went to the disney store and got her a little belle dress to match! And, the beautiful crown atop her head is from Focus on Forever Photography. 





In the Details: 
  • I went to Party Galaxy to buy the paper decorations. I chose select items from the 25th and 50th anniversary section to match the colors and elegance look that i was going for.
  •  I used plastic table cloths and streamers to create a canopy over the living room! and a dragon pinata for the kids to ‘slay’. 
  • I also got some white balloons and put glitter in them for the kids to play with until the magic started. 
  • I used one of my backdrops from Portrait Pizzaz as the background for the table to give it a ‘straight out of a fairy tale book’ look! I decided that the table needed to tie in all the princess stories.
  •  I took a black cauldron and put cherry limeade and lime sherbet with floating apples to make ‘poison apple punch’. 
  • I had an old clock set to midnight, a genie lamp (from party galaxy) , and a pedestal with a frog and crown on it! I added pearls and Rapunzel crown and some twinkle lights to finish it off! 
  • On the floor next to the table sat a fancy wheel barrel full of pumpkins!
  •  The beautiful princess cake was made by a friend, Tabitha Stewart. 


Lora wanted to introduce the princess to the party attendees and the birthday girl in an extra special way. I love this DIY detail and had to have Lora share how she did it. She said:
“I took a glass jar with a lid and put glitter in it (enough to cover the bottom well). I then rolled it on its side so that the glitter was all over the edges. I then took a glow stick and cut it open and poured the glowing juice in the bottom (careful not to shake it up) and placed it in a box along with a smaller plastic shaker full of ‘fairy dust’ and note. 

“When the princess pulled up I had my husband sneak her in through the garage. I gathered the children around (with their backs to the kitchen) and pulled out a book of “Beauty and the Beast.” But told them before I read it that I had a special surprise and pulled out the box. I told them i had something super special in it! i had them give some guesses and then gave a hint of “what is small, can fly, and has pixie dust?” … “TINKERBELL!!!” they all shouted! I replied “YES!!!! I caught her and wanted to show her to you guys!!!! when i pulled out the jar i gasped and said “OH NO… SHE GOT AWAY”. I then looked in the box to ‘see if she was in there’ and found the note next to the jar of fairy dust that read ‘sprinkle my fairy dust in your hands and tightly close your eyes…. rub your hands together and wish and wait for a big surprise!’ while the kids all closed their eyes and rubbed their hands together the princess snuck in behind them! 



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    Oh my gosh, SO CUTE!!!!!! My niece would die for this party!!

  2. Reply

    Awww! Such a sweet party feature with so many great details. This post made me think… I don’t think I have ever planned a party before. I need to get on this. There’s so much space for creativity and memories.

    • Sanat Hegde
    • September 13, 2012

    Loved the DIY touches – especially the glowstick in a jar idea. This idea could be used in so many other setting too – like an under the sea party or maybe even as radioactive sludge in a superhero themed party.

    Brilliant pics too.

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    this is so cute! What a dream come true for little girls.

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