Well Crafted Fans: Party Backdrop and Mojito

I was so excited to receive a couple of photos from people who read “A Well Crafted Party” and used some of the inspiration they found here in their real life.
Heidi, from Illuminating Events, contacted me ages ago about the card backdrop I created for my Mad Tea Party a few years ago. I e-mailed her a few tips on how to create one of her own. She ended up creating a wonderful backdrop for her party and sent me some of the lovely photos.
The card backdrop was inspired by A Well Crafted Party post– turned out great Heidi.  And, check out those awesome centerpieces as well!
I also recently received a photo from a friend who had seen the guest posts over at A Fabulous Fete with mojito recipes. He went home and created a classic mojito after reading about it. He even made his own simple syrup…. made my day! Thank you Geoff! I hope it was delish!
Have you been inspired by something from A Well Crafted Party? I’d love to see what you did with that inspiration. Send me photos anytime to jenni@awellcraftedparty.com -or- tweet them to me!
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