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Today I worked on the Portland Blogger meet-up pretty much all day. 
Tomorrow and Friday will be more of the same. 
But, check out the pretty little logo that I worked on:
It isn’t perfect and it probably won’t be the final version. But, it will work for now and I think it is pretty darn cute with the Portland skyline in the background. 
I have also been trying to catch up on my mega-huge blog feed. As I have been reading along I’ve come across a lot of great articles. 
  • In this crazy world of mommy-bloggers, instagram, and Pinterest it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the great things parents do for their children—or the amazingly cute houses, tasty food, cool crafts, and trendy parties. I don’t know how many times I have told my husband that I wish I were better at being a mom and wife. He always looks at me like I am CRAZY and tells me I’m awesome. But, it was good to read “Your Children Wants You” today and see that not only am I not the only one, but my kid might actually appreciate me for me someday.
  • Even though I might whine about the occasional biting, I really love nursing my son. It is great for the lazy person in me that doesn’t want to deal with bottles! But, I am still amazed by women who not only make it work, but they make it work with twins. Boho Mama gives an update on breastfeeding twins (although it applies some to those single kiddos as well) with some seriously great advice!
  • I’m always trying to stay inspired for my many projects that I work on. These “5 Tips for Staying Inspired” and a free on-line course on “Finding Your Muse” have helped me stay on track!
  • I have a blogging friend that recently found out that she is expecting her second boy! If you haven’t been to Vintage Pretty Pearl’s blog yet go check it out and say congrats! You’ll want to dig through her amazing DIY posts and outfit posts while you are there. 
  • Also, a dear friend of mine was recently laid of from their job. She is getting back into blogging and is looking for work as she goes. Check out her blog and encourage her…. she is a great writer and a lot of fun to read!

I hope you had a great Wednesday!

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