Woodland Themed Party Snacks

I made several different treats for the Woodland Themed Sprinkle I threw recently. As the woodland theme is really big right now I found SO much information through resources such as google and Pinterest. I had a couple of simple savory treats and a dessert table.
Savory Snacks:
“Rabbit Food” — A store bought veggie tray
“Caprese Toadstools”— I got the idea from Corey Marie’s Caprese Toadstools, but basically I cut up mozzarella to different sized blocks, I then put half a cherry tomato on top and skewered with a toothpick. I then pour a mixture of olive oil, chopped basil and balsamic vinegar all over the platter.
“Tree Rings”— I made two different types of tortilla rolls.
Spinach Tree Rings: Mix shredded spinach, garlic, salt, and pepper with room temperature cream cheese. Spread the cream cheese mixture onto whole wheat tortillas.
Roll the tortilla and slice into rolls. Easy Peasy!
Sun Dried Tomato Tree Rings: Mix sun dried tomatoes into room temperature cream cheese. Spread the cream cheese mixture onto whole wheat tortillas. Roll the tortilla and slice into little rolls!
Sweet Treats:
I got a lot of these recipes via the web…
so please jump over to these links and give credit where credit is due!
Owl Cupcakes: I did chocolate cake with fudge frosting and decorated using m&ms and Oreos
One note—I made these the night before, but then the Oreos got REALLY soft.
I’d suggest doing these day of instead of the day before!
Toadstool Cupcakes: I made these using a tutorial from Parents. Vanilla cupcakes were decorated with red vanilla buttercream* and topped with white and pink M&Ms.
* I used a basic vanilla buttercream recipe and then added red food coloring and a bit of salt to round out the flavor.
Spice Cupcakes: I made these last minute because I wanted a third cupcake option. I made a simple spice cake, but the frosting was really the star of this cupcake.
I created a Brown Sugar Spice Cream Cheese Butter Cream and it was YUMMY!
The recipe for the buttercream is below!
Sugar Cookies (shaped as Woodland Creatures) with Citrus 
 Royal Icing: I have made twenty different types of Sugar Cookie recipes and have hated them all until I found an amazing recipe on Food Coma blog and haven’t looked back.
I found super affordable woodland themed cookie cutters at Ikea.
To top off these fun cookies I made Alton Brown’s Royal Icing and then added in the zest of two oranges and one lemon.
wowowowow… that is a lot of links!
Brown Sugar Spice Cream Cheese Butter Cream: 
2 sticks of room temperature butter
4 oz of room temperature cream cheese
4 cups powdered sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 Tablespoons apple pie spice
Salt to taste
Mix butter and cream cheese with a hand mixer til fluffy
Add in powdered sugar until incorporated
Add in the rest of the ingredients!
If the consistency doesn’t work then add in a little milk to make thinner or more powdered sugar if it needs thickened.
 Garnish cupcakes with a sprinkle of brown sugar.
P.S. This post was supposed to go up yesterday…. so two posts for today!
See you back later today with Easter fun.
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    All of this looks amazing! Those owl cupcakes are too cute. 🙂

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      Thanks! It was a lot of fun putting it together!

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