Everyone Loves a Good {Birth} Story

Okay, so probably not everyone. But, I love reading people’s birth stories. 
I love how different they are…how personal…yet, how universal. 
We were all born. All of our mother’s have a “birth story.”
And, ever since I got pregnant I have been obsessed with reading these stories.
Here are a few of my favorite blogger’s birth stories:
Josiah James: Birth Story from The Whim Wham Life
“Dare I say it,
I enjoyed giving birth.
I had 5 hours of uninterrupted time with my little infant, and I soaked in every second. The scenes from the operating room flashed through my mind like a scary movie, but I did everything in my power to push them away. I just wanted to focus on my baby, and I did. And that is what I have been doing for the last 50 days.”
Gemma Bird: A Birth Story from Blue Bird Vintage
“until they became so unbearable that i just wanted the room quiet and for no one to touch me. i have been told that there was swearing. i just wanted to be left alone with the pain.”
*Some of the most amazing photos of this home water birth*
My Birth Story from The Little Things We Do
“I had read before that I would get ‘rests’ in between contractions, but I figured that it would be kind of like when you stub your toe…after a bit, the immediate pain goes away, but there’s still the slight throbbing of where the pain occurred, but no.  The resting time in between contractions is AMAZING.”
Pearl’s Birth Story from Rain OR Shine
“They put her on my chest and she just stared at me.  It was an amazing experience.  We just looked at each other.  She was so beautiful.”
Birth Story: A Dad’s Tale from The Pregnant Chicken
” It was confusing, and shocking, and a good initiation into parenthood, it turns out. Nothing much about my life has been perfectly understandable to me since.”

I just read a wonderful and honest birth story about when things don’t go to plan
and wanted to share it with you!
Baby J- A Birth Story by BlueBirdKisses

“I have no way of knowing these things…no way of knowing how things would have turned out had I made different decisions along the way.

I know I have to let go, and I’m hoping to put it to rest once and for all now.”

And, of course… there is my story.
What’s your story?

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    I always love reading other people’s birth stories, but I haven’t done mine yet…well until yesterday when I finally sat down to write mine…only 11 months late :S I posted it today actually…but its nothing quite as amazing as some of the ones you posted!

    And thank you so much for stopping by the blog yesterday! You should definitely link up your Janphotoaday post 😀 super cute pics!

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