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Thank you to all of you lovely readers who are still putting up with Halloween posts from me… I’m currently working on a ton of fall goodies for future posts. But, I wanted to cover our Halloween party before flying into the rest of Fall.
I really enjoy food. I enjoy making food. I enjoy buying food. And, I certainly enjoy EATING food. 
I also really enjoy styling food for a party!
Halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays for really getting creative with food.
This year was no exception.
The Savory!
The centerpiece of the food table had to be the “Off with his Head Cold Cuts Platter.” 
(Idea borrowed from Brooklyn Limestone’s party “Carnevil” featured on
So gross, yet so good!
The “Frog Pate” was actually a mixture of spinach, cream cheese and red pepper flakes dished into phyllo dough cups. These did not last long!
I got the idea for Sinister Salsa from Martha… but, I threw my own spin on it by throwing together diced avocado (3) with 1 can of rotel and 1 can of black beans. It was chunky, spicy, and delish!
Kidney stones have always been a hit and probably the simplest thing I put out… 
Ikea meatballs served with their lingonberry sauce!
I tried to let everyone enjoy their veggies as well so I created a “Creepy Crudite” platter in a large caldron. If you can’t tell I was going for a creepy green, white and yellow color scheme. I thought it looked vaguely eery while still allowing me some fun veggies. I served with a simple spinach dip.
For the savory side of things I also served Rest in Peas, a Decaying Cheese Platter and a Petrified Cheese Log. We didn’t have much in the way of leftovers the next day!
The Sweets!
Halloween is all about the candy, right? I usually make one or two treats and then buy a bunch of candy that people can take home and then I end up with a ton of leftover candy. This year I thought it would be nice to make all of the sweets and see if we had as much left over… 
and, thankfully, most of it was taken!
“To the Grave Cupcakes” were chocolate cupcakes with a fudge frosting covered in cookie crumbs to look like dirt. Each cupcake had a tiny shortbread grave and a gummy worm sticking out of it.
I tried my hand at making caramels for the first time and I think they came out pretty tasty!
I used the Sea Salt Caramel recipe from
I also made the following:
Apple Chips for snacking
Spiced Pumpkin Seeds for snacking
Brain Cupcakes (although, I just used the decorating tips and served Strawberry cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream frosting)
Peanut Butter & Pretzel Truffles
It was a busy couple days in the kitchen… but, I was more than pleased with the spread! 
I hope some of these items inspire you for your next Halloween party.
Check out the Costumes & Cocktails Decorations post from yesterday to see more about this party! And, check back later today to see the fun costumes everyone wore.

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    • November 2, 2011

    My goodness, you are good!

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