Party Prep: Halloween Menus

Every year Halloween is my party to throw.
I love to set different themes and really go all out for the event.
This means I spend a ton of time and thought working out the details of invitations, decor and menu.
And, while I love working out all of those details…
I really enjoy putting together a creepy, yet satisfying menu.
Three years ago
we had a “Haunted Halloween Dinner Party”
and served a five course meal.
The Haunted Dinner Party Menu:
First Course: Tomato and Red Pepper Soup with Mozzarella Eyeballs
Second Course: Green Salad with roasted garlic and peppers served with spider eggs
Third Course: Lamb Shanks with Mashed Potato Ghosts
Fifth Course: Death by Chocolate
Two years ago
  we had a “Bewitching Ball” and served signature drinks along with creepy appetizers.
I also had a small dessert and candy table so guests could take home some treats.
The Savory Appetizer Menu Included:
Bat Wings
A Creepy Crudite Plate
Kidney Stones
The treats included:
Candied Apples
Cookie Monster’s Cookies
and various store bought candies
Last year
we went a different direction and enjoyed a “Mad Tea Party.”
We went with Alice in Wonderland inspired or English inspired dishes.
The Mad Tea Party Menu included:
Appetizers of various tea sandwiches, biscotti and cake pops
Course One: Radiccio Flower Salad with White Rarebit
Course Two: The Duchess’ Pepper Soup
Course Three: Much of a Muchness Shepherd’s Pie
Course Four: The Queen’s Tarts
This year
we are having a Costumes and Cocktail’s Party
and I am hard at work on the menu! 
We will be going with a food table of “un”savory appetizers and a treat table that guests can peruse throughout the night and then take treats home at the end of the evening. 
See my ideas and links to fun recipes by checking out my Halloween Food Pinterest Board:
 There will be a couple of repeat menu items since they were such a hit at previous parties including:
Rest in Peas
Decaying Cheese Platter
and the Brain Cupcakes
What do you like to make for Halloween? 

Or what was the coolest Halloween menu you’ve seen yet?  

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