{Friday Finds} Beautiful Parties

I’m working hard on getting my blogging act together again… 
but, finding the time to pick up a computer has been difficult. 
(BTW… tips on how to care for an infant with a cold are very much appreciated!)
Photo Source: Secret Garden Party from Tradewind Tiaras
I have been enjoying reading through the many blogs I follow on the reader on my phone.
And, there are some beautiful parties being featured out there in the blogosphere right now! 
So, I wanted to share some of the events that caught my eye.
  • Have you seen the Secret Garden Party from Nicole of Tradewind Tiaras? (Pictured Above) The gorgeous backdrop she created is jaw-dropping. I can’t wait to read her tutorial on that and the other elements of the party… which will be going up all week! 
  • I was THRILLED when I saw this Cherry Blossom baby shower featured on Oh Baby! Custom Shower Decor Blog… the cherry blossom theme really looked gorgeous in a pink and grey color scheme. But, on top of it all, one of the party elements used the tutorial that I have up at Hostess with the Mostess! I’m so excited to see it used in a party. 
  • Speaking of Hostess with the Mostess… the Wonderlandia coverage is SUPERB! Each of the beautiful party tables featured were out of this world. Check out the blog today to enter to win some amazing Wonderland-themed party supplies!
  • Bhldn.com has six different table themes beautifully pictured with purchasable elements on their sit! Any of these themes would be simple to recreate for any party and would certainly be eye-catching! (Thanks to Creature Comfort’s Blog for the heads up!)
Photo Source: Bhldn.com
 Have any events caught your eye recently?

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    Jenni…I would love to chat with you about your sweet baby. I am so sorry that your little one has a cold; that’s my least favorite part of being a mama. Two things that will help greatly are having your precious baby sleep at an angle, (i.e. in a swing or propped up crib mattress/bassinet- I just folded blankets and pillows, {creating a slight angle}, under the mattress, on the end of the bed where their head lays). Also, if you are nursing, shoot breastmilk up your little one’s nose, (easiest at letdown). The incredible beneficial properties in that liquid gold will help to break up any mucus that might cause breathing struggles. It works like a charm, every time. (Seems a bit torturous at the time, but your baby will benefit greatly from it.) Let me know if you have any more questions; I have likely been there before!

    Jamie, Blessed mama of seven

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    I enjoy reading your blog. Really beautiful!
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