{Mommy Monday} I’m a mom

So, in case you were wondering where I was this past week… my little guy is here!
I went into early labor at 3 AM four full days before my little guy was born… I was in early labor for a LONG time and didn’t hit active labor until about 2 days before the kiddo was born…it was a LONG and hard labor.
Becoming a Mom for the first time
Nothing went “too plan” but everything ended up working out great because our son is beautiful and healthy.
We had wonderful doctors and nurses who took great care of us and took my wishes into consideration every step of the way. I’m so very happy with my experience.
 Our first days together in the hospital

I’m so in love with him.

 Our first days together in the hospital
I’m just getting used to being a parent… so, please bare with me and the blog in the following weeks.
I do have several awesome guest posts, real parties and a couple of fun tutorials in preparation for this time. But, I still need to load them all in and get them ready for publication!

If you like birth stories…

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    Yeah! Congrats! Sorry you had such a long labor- I can totally relate. But glad your little one is here and healthy, and you too. Tim really likes the banner by the way=)

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    He’s precious! I LOVE that first pic of the two of you…so peaceful. Thanks for keeping us updated even during this busy busy time 🙂

    • kira
    • August 16, 2011

    Congrats, he is adorable! And, you look amazing in that photo. How do you not look completely exhausted?

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    As you were pining away at Pinterest, I was thinking “Didn’t that girl have her baby yet?” Then I zoomed over here to your blog, and there he IS! <3 Such a sweetie, and I love the name Xander! So P.S. write down your birth story as quick as you can... you will forget all the details more and more every day... so even though you are getting NO sleep, don't hesitate to take an hour to write every detail, even if you don't want to share them with anyone 😉 you'll want to share it with your baby boy!

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