{Mommy Monday} 38 Week Quick Update

First off, THANK YOU 
to all of you who commented on my last {Mommy Monday} post!
I loved reading each and every comment and birth story.
*It warmed my heart.*
It was refreshing to see how different, yet similar, every story is… 
and it reminded me yet again that the main goal in all of this is to see a healthy baby boy in the end!  
I’ve been super busy this past week. 
  • We finished our birthing classes (pretty much awesome) and feel so much more confident about birth and bringing home a newborn. Our class was taught by a Portland area Doula. Check out her website if you are interested in talking with/hiring a Doula in the area because she was seriously awesome, informative and comforting.
  • We finalized our birth plan… and, my midwife said it was the best she’s seen so far! (Toot my own horn a bit here!) I feel so much more comfortable about our options.
  • I had my last day at work for the next three months. This is both a blessing and a bit of a stress because I will not have my income for a while and this is something of a concern for us as a family. I’m trusting that things come together and I am working on cutting back and crunching numbers. But, it is a blessing for me physically… I just can’t handle 7+ hours a day on my feet anymore!
  • I started working on a set of freezer meals for the week or so after delivery. Each night while I cook dinner I make a second batch for the freezer. If anyone is interested in recipes/tutorials regarding this then please let me know and I’ll put it on the blog!
  • We took maternity photos! This was a lot of fun… because of me not working we really couldn’t afford to hire a professional photographer. The money just really needs to go towards the necessities right now… but, I really wanted some fun photographs of us in this time and of course I’ll want some of the baby when he is born. Thankfully I have very talented (and generous) friends. So, we spent yesterday having our photograph taken in various Portland locations. I was lucky enough to receive a sneak peek of one or two of the photos that my friend Ryan took and am looking forward to seeing the photos from my friend Joan. I can’t wait and can’t thank my lovely friends enough!
38 Weeks!
He will be a dad soon!
We already love the little guy.

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    I really love that last pic of you and Brian!! And, if you’re up for it, I think you should totally post some stuff about your freezer plans! I’m trying to do one meal a week and buy some extra meat, etc to have on hand (though I know our sweet and generous friends will be feeding us as well).

    • kira
    • August 2, 2011

    I love the dress you are wearing in your maternity photos!

    It’s a good idea to take off of work a couple of weeks before the baby comes. I’m sticking it out until the end so I can save my PTO up for once the baby comes. I really hope my water doesn’t break at work.

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