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I’m not sure if I’ve posted about this little site before… but, I’m sort of a blog stalker of 
Love it.
Well, every Friday, Lauren posts a list of blanks for people to fill in on their own blogs and link up to her site. I love it. I love clicking through to see what other people have answered as well. But, because I have always tried to have a {Friday Finds} post on Fridays I have never linked up my own Fill in the Blank Friday. But, this week I thought… why not do both? So, there you have it. Check back later today for the {Friday Finds} of this week and please enjoy my version of Fill in the Blank Friday… 
(Oh, and check out Lauren’s original as well!)
1.   My favorite color is purple. I would say grey because that is the majority of my closet and a color I always gravitate to…but, that is Lauren’s favorite and I didn’t want to copy on the very first question! I do however really love the color purple. You might have noticed in the blog’s design! 😉

2.  My travel destination of choice is  anywhere I haven’t yet been. I love going to new places. I wish I could travel more… most of my travel consists of going back home to see family (which I of course love doing) but, sometimes I wish I could go see family in new and awesome destinations. Hey, family out there… what do you say?

3.  My favorite  food is bread. Any kind of bread really… I like them all. It is a dangerous love, my love of bread.

4.  My happy place is cuddled up against my husband’s chest. Sounds super sappy… but, for a non-hugger like me it is quite amazing that this is the one place I can always go to feel happy and calm. Although, my new nursery is also becoming quite the happy place… sometimes I just walk in and stand for a moment. 

5.  My favorite saying is… this one stumps me a bit. But, here are a couple of my favorites that I’ve been seeing on Pinterest and that I just had to “pin.” 
 — “Done is better than Perfect” — “You’re my Favorite Reason to Lose Sleep” —”My life has a superb cast but I can’t figure out the plot” — “I have so much to do that I am going to bed!”

6.  My dirty little secret is that while I am a BIG control freak and GREAT at organizing my room is a DISASTER area. We just shut the door… Oh, and while I am at it I’ll add on another “dirty” little secret: We often throw parties and invite people over just to motivate us to clean our house. I’m hoping that this is not a habit I bring into motherhood!

7.  Something friends might say about me is that I  am a planner (sometimes to a fault). I am also kind (sometimes to a fault). I’m also quite hard on myself. And, I have an annoying southern accent at times. Of course… my friends are kinder to me than I am to myself. 😉 

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