a little inspiration on a blue day

I’m feeling {blue} today.
Not sure why exactly… just feeling a little down and out. 
Feeling uninspired. 
Feeling just a little bit
In efforts to get out of my funk I did what I normally do… 
I surfed the internet and looked at pretty things. 
Pretty things and pretty parties really tend to make me happy.

In my web surfing I spent some very productive time on the 

talk about pretty. 
So, I wanted to share a few images that are pulling me out of my state of bluedom.
 See, pretty. 
I’ve been thinking about my wedding lately
(probably because my 5-year anniversary is right around the corner)
and, I’m really daydreaming about how I’d design the wedding now… 
5 years later.
These images and products would certainly make an appearance if I planned 
another wedding to the best man I’ve ever met.
Well, now that I’ve been reminiscing about my wedding
my someday party for celebrating my amazing relationship…
well, I’m beginning to feel a lot more
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