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Grilled Potatoes topped with blue Cheese Crumbles // A Well Crafted Party

One of the things I’ve promised myself as of late is to cut back on parties a bit….
“WHAT!?!” you ask.
Well, I’m about to have a baby.
(In case I haven’t tooted that horn enough.)
But, babies are EXPENSIVE
And, well, so are many of my parties. Even the ones I do on an extremely limited budget can add up when you throw as many of them as I do. 
But, I can’t stop myself from wanting to entertain… 
so, I promised myself that I would cut back on the WAY I throw the parties. 
Enter the {Simple Soiree}, a party that is just about hanging out and 
enjoying the company of my friends. 

I’ve thrown a couple of these “get-togethers” and have had such a fun time I’ve forgotten to take photos! But, I managed to snap a few of my recent “Grill Nite”
and thought I’d share some photos and recipes.
Grill Nite  
The sun has given us a few days of dreaming about summer… so, I decided to throw a “Grill Nite.” 
To go along with my {Simple Soiree} idea I asked everyone attending to bring something to throw on the grill and to drink. Funnily enough my friends like good food as much as I do and we ended up with a ton of amazing dishes. We were literally cooking and eating from 6 PM til 2 AM.
(That is a LONG time for this future Mommy.) 
I think overall I spent just over $20, which amounts to less than an evening out on the town and MUCH less than my normal event.
First Course:
Grilled Herbed Potatoes with Chive Sour Cream and Lemon Slices
(recipe at the end of the post)
Turkey Sliders 
*Read ON for the 2nd-4th Courses and RECIPES!* 

Second Course:

  Grilled Lamb & Asparagus
 Third Course:
Spiced Steak on Grilled Bread with Feta
(recipe near end of post)
Grilled Herb & Butter Corn
   Fourth Course:
Grilled Pound Cake with Fresh Strawberries and Whipped Cream
(recipe near end of post)
Now, I won’t claim to be a chef or anything… 
but, I do sometimes throw together something yummy.
 I’ve created a couple of these recipes and felt like sharing them. Unfortunately, I didn’t really take any “in-the moment, tutorial-type” photos. If you have any questions please just leave a comment!
Grilled Herbed Potatoes with Chive Sour Cream & Lemons
—Potatoes (red, yukon or bakers)
— Fresh Herbs (your choice… although, I used Basil, Chives and Parsley)
—Olive Oil
—Sour Cream
1. Cut potatoes into 2-inch thick slices
2. Bring to Boil in salted water. 
Boil until a fork pokes though, but not until they are so soft that they mash.
3. Toss potatoes in olive oil (enough to cover potatoes) and herbs
4. Place on hot grill until both sides have beautiful grill marks and potatoes are heated through again.
  —Chive Sour Cream—
 1. Mix Sour Cream with Diced Chives
When eating… PLEASE sprinkle the potatoes with lemon juice. It is amazing! 

Spiced Steak with Grilled Bread and Feta
—Flank Steak -or-New York Strip (your preference)
—Red Pepper Flakes
—Chili Powder
—Salt & Pepper
—Feta Cheese
—French Bread
—Olive Oil

1. Rub steak with a BUNCH of chili powder, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. Rub on both sides and then let sit approximately 30 minutes at room temp. If you have time to let it set in fridge longer then out at room temp for 30 minutes then do that. The flavor just SOAKS right in!
2. While steak is soaking up that rub go ahead and cut the french bread into 1-inch think slices. 
Brush bread with olive oil.
3. Put steak on a HOT grill and cook to Med-Rare (or preference). 
4. On the other side of the grill go ahead and plop down the french bread pieces and grill until toasted.
5. Once steak is done pull it off heat and let it sit without touching for about 10 minutes. You can place the bread pieces out on a serving dish while you’re waiting.
6. Thinly slice steak and pile slices onto grilled bread.
7. Top with Feta cheese. YUM!

 Grilled Pound Cake with Strawberries and Whipped Cream
—Pound Cake (buy it or make it…but, you need it!)
—Strawberries (A pint is plenty… the fresher the better)
—1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract (or, vanilla bean if you are feeling fancy)
—1 Cup Whipping Cream
—Melted Butter- half a stick or so
—Mixer of some type
1. Slice strawberries and put into a sauce pan with a little water and 1/2 cup of sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves and strawberries are breaking up a bit. Once the liquid has a bit of syrup consistency take the strawberry mixture off the heat. Put strawberry mixture in a bowl and into the fridge to cool.
2. As strawberries are cooling put the whipping cream into a large bowl. Mix the cream with a hand or stand mixer. Keep mixing until peaks form (this takes some time). When peaks form add the vanilla and some sugar. Continue to mix… add sugar to taste. 
I personally like it without any sugar at all but, sometimes a little is good. Place finished whipped cream in fridge while you grill the pound cake.
3. Slice the pound cake and brush with melted butter. 
Place on hot grill until it is heated through and has grill marks.  
4. Top grilled pound cake with strawberry mixture and a big dollop of whipped cream.
I hope these are understandable directions. 
They were delicious little treats for sure.
Now, for a REAL chef and her delicious recipes take a 
look at my friend’s website The Sweet Smith. 
She should be sharing some of the recipes for the other pictured treats soon… but, in the meantime you should check out some of her other amazing recipes!

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