{DIY} Eggs and Bacon Treats

If you saw the “Breakfast for Dinner” Birthday party then you saw that I made
“Eggs and Bacon” treats for guest favors.
These were super simple and tasty treats that really added a little something extra to the party.
I first saw these treats over at Hostess Blog
in a “Cowboy Cookie Corral Birthday Party” feature.
I then HAD to find out how to make them! I couldn’t find a tutorial, but they looked simple enough so I gave it a shot. Below is how I made “Bacon and Eggs”— and, please… if you know of another tutorial please let me know so I can link to it because while I figured out these steps on my own I certainly did not create this idea!

How to Make “Bacon and Eggs”
—A bag of golden rod pretzels for the bacon
—Wilton White Candy Melts (or white baking chocolate) for egg whites
—Yellow M&M candies for egg yolks
—wax or parchment paper
—A piping bag or squeeze bottle for white chocolate
{Step One} 
Melt white chocolate (or Wilton Candy melts) according to package directions. While chocolate is melting lay pretzel rods (in twos) onto sheets of parchment paper. 
{Step Two}
Pour white chocolate into a piping bag or squeeze bottle. 
(I had to do this in batches due to lack of space, so I also got a glass of really hot water to set my white chocolate bottle in so that the chocolate 
wouldn’t harden while the first batch of “eggs and bacon” were setting.)
{Step Three}
Squeeze white chocolate onto eggs in a “blob.” Make two blobs for two eggs.
{Step Four}
Immediately place a yellow M&M candy in the center of the white chocolate blob—
do before chocolate sets.
See how fast I’m working at getting those M&Ms on! 🙂 My hand is a blur to the eye!
{Step Five}
Let chocolate set and place in cellophane bag for guests to take home or on a plate for guests to enjoy at the party.
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    these are the coolest looking treats ever!

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