{Mommy Monday} Decorating the Nursery Pt. 1

Thank you to everyone who responded to last week’s {Mommy Monday} Recent Reads.
I really enjoyed the responses and am excited to pick up a few of those books suggested!
So, I have approximately 13 weeks before baby.
(if he arrives on his due date that is…)
I need to get things ready! I think I just now hit that time they call “Nesting.”
I’ve been planning out his room the past few weeks, but am just now getting around to doing something about it. This weekend I bought paint samples, material for his crib sheets, and organized the clothes we have into plastic bins. I also started going through ALL of my entertaining supplies trying to condense them into one closet instead of the three that they are currently in.


We decided to go with a vintage(ish) robot theme for the nursery.
(Which I’m SUPER excited about.)

Paint Samples

Like I said…. I went to Home Depot over the weekend and hmm’d and haw’d over paint chips for a while. I ended up buying three samples for wall paint and then brought home some paint chips of the colors I’d like to feature as accents throughout the room.
The colors look a little distorted from what they actually look like on the wall. I think we’ve decided on the middle color (a light grey) for the walls with the yellow, blue, green and orange as accent colors. (Although… not as dark as they are pictured.)
I bought orange material to make a few crib sheets—I’m super excited to use the crib sheet tutorial from Prudent Baby to sew up a few sheets for the little man’s bed.
UPDATE: Click here to see how the Robot Nursery turned out!

How did you decorate your nursery?

Or… what are your plans for your nursery?

I’d love to see moodboards, blog posts, pictures… etc!


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    I love the robot theme! suggest not going with yellow, it will get “old” quickly! Both blues are cute!
    I had girls, so we have one pink and one purple room. 🙂

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