Well Crafted Holiday Gift Guide

As promised… here is a Holiday Gift Guide 
put together with different people in mind.
Hopefully this gives everyone some fun ideas for the 
upcoming holiday!
Sources: 1. Passport Travel Set, 2. Small Camcorder, 3. World Traveler Necklace 4. Travel Log
5. Mustache Glasses Holder, 6. IPhone Docking Station
Sources: 1. Retro Block IPod Speaker, 2. Drumstick Pencils, 
3. 12-Month Tee Club (Video Game Tee), 4. Pop Camera

Sources: 1. Bag of Holding Messenger Bag (It’s Bigger on the Inside!), 2. Pencil Pouch, 
3. Know it All Pencils 4. Personal Library Kit, 5. Retro Block Thumb drive

Well, I hope this helped you with your holiday shopping! 

Please let me know what your favorite item was/is! Also, if you see something out there that would fit into one of these categories but I didn’t list please let me know.
Check out the blog in the upcoming days as I put up my personal wish list as well. 

~Always, Jenni

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    Awesome! thanks for these ideas…esp the “teen” one, those are always the hardest!

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