Real Party: A Bike Themed Cocktail Party

Recently I help a friend of mine throw a birthday cocktail party for her bike lovin’ beau. We decided to go the route of bike parts, old wine and beer bottles and a neat recycled-chic look. The color scheme was any and all metal and chrome colors.

The decor consisted of bike wheels, chain and gears. I made coasters and drink labels with the slogan, “Gear up and Drink.” We spray painted beer and wine bottles with black and silver paint and filled them with wildflowers. Framed pictures of bikes and bike signs decorated the walls and tables around the party.

The best part of the whole party was the food. The hostess made an array of vegan snacks including cupcakes, crostinis, Caesar salad, veggie plates and fruit plates. We served two signature drinks, beer and wine.

Feeling like throwing your own bicycle themed event? Feel free to use the following free printables.

The fonts can be found at The bike font is called “cycling“. The script is called, “commercial script“. The gear is from a font called, “Lombax.”

To download the PDF file click HERE
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