Real Party: Purple and Pinwheels—a dinner party

My sister-in-law was in town for her birthday this year and asked for a birthday dinner of her favorite recipes from childhood. She also asked that the table be decorated in purple. So I set of designing a party inspired by the color purple, thoughts of childhood, my adorable sister-in-law and the Pinwheels & Pearls party from The City Cradle.

Ribbons in shades of purple made up the bulk of the decorations from the striped ribbon table cloth all the way to the moving chandelier piece that we attached to the ceiling fan. (By the by… if your looking to purchase ribbon in bulk may I suggest for their amazing selection and prices.)

Paper pin wheels, self-made cake stands, a birthday banner and childhood recipes helped top off the evening. Below are some photos of the fun.

The table looking all fancy.

Purple ribbons, pinwheels and flowers covered the center of the table.
The salad course repeating the pinwheel theme with a wheel of cucumbers surrounding the salad greens.
Found a great pinwheel tutorial at Ohdeedoh and made a ton of pinwheels from paper, pins and pencils!

Check back with the blog for future posts explaining DIY cake stands, pinwheels and more!

All in all it was a fun and whimsical night. So, here is to my sis-in-law—”Happy, Happy Birthday. To you! To you!”

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    • Natalie
    • July 25, 2010

    This looks fabulous, as usual!

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