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{Weekend in Review} Shopping talk, Brunch, and Blogging Chat: Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post. However, I was invited
{Weekend in Review} Working is hard when on cold medication: Happy April Fools! As usual, Google never disappoints! I was so very sick
{Weekend in Review} A trip to Texas and Oklahoma: I was on vacation from last Tuesday to tomorrow… So, it feels
{Weekend in Review} Petting fish, Packing, & Prepping: After eating way too much delicious pie on Thursday I needed a
{Weekend in Review} Games, Clothes, and a Meet-Up: And, whoa… this weekend was a blur of fun! It was go-go-go
{Weekend in Review} Dinner with friends and Home Decor Work: This weekend was needed. It was restorative and easy. Next weekend (actually,