Things to Do in Portland: Food Blogger Bake Sale

Things to Do in Portland: Food Blogger Bake Sale

If you are in Portland and are wanting something DELICIOUS then drop by the Food Bloggers’ Bake Sale this morning from 10 am until all is sold out. I made CUPCAKES!!!

(By the way… .when I say cupcakes, I say it exactly as cookie monster says COOKIES! That is how big my love for these tasty little treats! CUPCAKES!! Nom Nom Nom.)

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Free Goodies for Facebook Fans

Free Goodies for Facebook Fans

Hello friends! Thanks so much for keeping up with all the fun on the blog. I love adding {Real Party} posts, {DIY} tutorials, and {Free Printables} for all the lovely people who follow the blog. But, I wanted to go ahead and add some extra incentives for those fans who follow along with the A Well Crafted Party Facebook Page. (Thanks to the amazing tutorial from Her New Leaf I was able to add this fun feature without too much of a headache.

All A Well Crafted Party Facebook Fans will have the opportunity to receive special free tutorials and printables throughout the year. Currently I have a simple, but cute Halloween printable package up ready for you to download!

{Real Party} Seasame Street for the young at HEART

{Real Party} Seasame Street for the young at HEART
Last year I asked my husband what he wanted to do for his 28th birthday and
he replied (jokingly I might add), “Sesame Street!”
After giving him a strange look I thought about it and decided to just go with it. 
So, there came the idea for his 28th birthday party,
“Brought to you by the Letter B”
His favorite Sesame Street character is Grover so I made sure Grover made it onto the invitations.
I made the invitations using a collage technique and then topped it with some fun googly eyes.
The party was RIGHT before leaving to head to Oklahoma for my sister’s wedding (which I was planning) so we kept decor and food pretty simple.
I found coloring pages on-line that I printed off, colored and framed for part of the decor.
I also created a “28 Brian Street” sign using Adobe Illustrator.
For food we went with items that started with the Letter B… 
Burgers and Brats for mains and then Beers for drinks!
Then, for sweets, I made a Cookie Bar that would make the Cookie Monster a very happy monster.
The sign above the table read, “B is for Brian, but C is for COOOOKIEEE!!”
The Count counting the chocolate chip cookies!
I made 7 different types of cookies, made Bailey’s Milkshake Shots and Cookie Monster Cupcakes for the cookie bar. It was the highlight of the evening for sure!
Bailey’s Milkshake Shots topped with yummy cookies.
Isn’t Cookie Monster just too adorable!
(I just googled “Cookie Monster Cupcakes” and found several different tutorials for making these guys. I then mixed and matched until I found something that used what I had on hand.)
Thanks for checking out today’s {REAL PARTY} feature! It was quick and dirty because I didn’t have a lot of photos or tutorials… but, just goes to show you that you can make any party even 
more special with a few details!
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