{Real Party} When in Doubt Go to the Library

{Real Party} When in Doubt Go to the Library
“When in Doubt, Go to the Library”
from Harry Potter book 2
The quote above was one that helped to inspire the Library themed birthday party I recently threw for a friend who is studying to be a librarian. I posted inspiration for the party on a couple of different {Working on it Wednesday} posts. As I was pretty far in my pregnancy I did not create tutorials for many of the DIY projects in this party…. but, I will link to similar tutorials when possible and if there is something you see that I didn’t explain and you want to know more about it just leave me a comment!
The Invitation
The Dessert Table
The Sweets
The Cake

Centerpiece and Gift

Decor— We wanted to keep things fairly simple, yet still bring the library theme throughout the party so we used book pages and printables to decorate. I was given a few books that had water damage to deconstruct for the party. It was difficult to take them apart, but it helped that I knew the books were destined for the recycle bin otherwise. I used the pages for the table runner, paper fans, several strings of bunting and for the above mobile. I created the mobile without a tutorial, but with inspiration from an Etsy store.

Food— I decided to have desserts be the main attraction for the party. I served the desserts with wine, coffee and water. Desserts included: a layered birthday cake; chocolate mousse filled chocolate cups topped with a raspberry; “Shh-Kabobs” of angel food cake and strawberries with a dark chocolate drizzle; berry macaroons; marshmallow pops; cheesecake filled strawberries (not pictured); and lemon cake pops. I gave the desserts “literary” names and printed them with the same image from the invitation. 

The birthday cake was my first try at making a multi-colored layered cake. The colored layers came out beautifully and was quite nice to cut into…. I wanted to frost the cake using the ruffle technique, but at the last minute realized I lacked the proper frosting tip. I ended up using a round tip and feel like the tip, along with the frosting color, made the cake look like a brain rather than a pretty ruffled treat.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from the party!

{Friday Finds} Random Fun

{Friday Finds} Random Fun
On occasion my {Friday Finds} post is hard to write mainly because a lot of the things I find and really enjoy throughout the week tend to not always fit into a neat little theme. 
So, today’s {Friday Finds} doesn’t really have a theme… but, rather it is a collection of really fun things I’ve discovered over this past week! I hope you enjoy!
(BTW… You can find a ton of inspiration from my finds throughout the week by following me on Pinterest! Need an invite? E-mail me and we’ll see about getting you one!)
Photo Booth Props: Free Printable from Oh Happy Day!
Image Credit: Oh Happy Day
Okay, we all know I love a good home photo booth. But, I’m always searching for inexpensive and fun props for my booths… low and behold Oh Happy Day has not one but TWO amazing free printables for your home photo booth. CHECK OUT MY FAVORITE SET BY CLICKING HERE!
The above illustrations were done by Lauren Stiebler. 
DIY Board Books from Utah County Mom
Yep, this is as cool as it sounds. I’ve been a little baby centered lately and have been looking for ways to introduce my (soon-to-be) little one to his far away relatives. I love the idea of this book and think it is such a neat way to familiarize a kid with the faces which he/she should be familiar!
Check out Utah County Mom for instructions and a link to a store that sells BLANK board books!
(This could also be a good idea for a baby shower gift or favor!)
Totally “Gross” Party: An awesome party for a little one tired of traditional themes and ribbons featured at Catch My Party
Image Credit: Stephanie M. on Catch My Party
This has got to be one of my FAVORITE parties I’ve seen in a long while. While there are a lot of beautiful event out there I am rarely shocked and awed at the creativity incorporated… this party has plenty of SHOCK and AWE… beware though, it is totally GROSS. Stephanie’s son wanted a different type of theme without ribbons and bows and he certainly got it! Loved the dessert table!
Nail Art: Words on Finger Nails from Passion Nail Art
Image Credit: Passion Nail Art
As I’m working on getting things ready for my Library Themed Party I fell in love with this tutorial! If I get time I’m totally going to have words on my nails for the party. The instructions to the tutorial are in French, but the photos are pretty self-explanatory and it all look really fun and easy.
A Well Crafted Week in Review: 
1. {Mommy Monday} Packing for the Hospital
Check out the items I’m taking to the hospital with me and check out the free printable I have for you!
Check out a simple little party in honor of the Harry Potter 7 pt. 2 release! 
A quick update on how my Library Themed Birthday Party is going with a look at the invites I created.
An easy and tasty recipe for a summer salad using fresh veggies and a grill!
5. {Friday Finds} Random Fun
Have a great weekend everyone! If you have any “FINDS” that I should see please leave a link in the comments!
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