Featured: Pregnancy Tales on Baby Zone

Featured: Pregnancy Tales on Baby Zone

pregnancy photo

I am still here folks. A crazy thing happened this week. And, while I’m not a fan of being vague… I also am not at a point that I can share yet.

An amazing opportunity came along that is going to be very beneficial to me and my family. It is going to take me away from the blog a bit. I just need to find a new balance.

But, guess what… I’m still around! I recently shared a few short stories of my pregnancy with Tracy Brennan for a couple of stories she created for BabyZone.com.

Check out 10 Tales of Pregnancy Brain and 8 Embarrassing Pregnancy Stories to read a few pregnancy tales I haven’t shared yet on the blog!

Oh, and because it looks like I’m announcing a pregnancy here, I am NOT pregnant. As a matter of fact, sharing the above stories made me totally okay with waiting just a bit longer before kiddo numero dos.

Babies Everywhere: Creative Pregnancy Announcements

Babies Everywhere: Creative Pregnancy Announcements

I thought I was excited about getting pregnant forever and a day ago. I thought I couldn’t have any excitement that could compare. Well, I tell you what… the week that both my best friend and my sister told me they were both pregnant… I found out I could get much, much more excited!

The really hard part about that excitement… I couldn’t tell ANYONE! If you know me, then you know this is extremely difficult. I like telling people what gifts I’ve gotten them before they’ve had a chance to open them. Christmas shopping has to happen the weeks before Christmas or I will just GIVE away the gifts as soon as I purchase them!

Thankfully, both my sister and BFF shared their “We’re Pregnant” announcements and gave me permission to post about it on my blog. I can breathe again! I had to share their announcements though because they are so stinking creative. I just posted an image of my pregnancy test for Facebook and created a free printable for the blog. My friend created an awesome photo collage and my sister created a video with the help of her hubby. Her hubby has mad skills, y’all.

Crazy Awesome Pregnancy Announcements

My best friend and her awesome hubby took these photos themselves and then put the collage together.

My best friend and her awesome hubby took these photos themselves and then put the collage together.

My sis and her husband’s video announcement. They have a thing for converse shoes (see their wedding.)

EEEEEE… I’m going to be an AUNT times two in January. 2014 is going to be AWESOME.

Did you announce your pregnancy in a special way? Or, are you planning to in the future?

{Mommy Monday} I’m a mom

{Mommy Monday} I’m a mom
So, in case you were wondering where I was this past week… my little guy is here!
I went into labor at 3 AM two full days before my little guy was born… it was a LONG and hard labor.
Nothing went “too plan” but everything ended up working out great because our son is beautiful and healthy.
We had wonderful doctors and nurses who took great care of us and took my wishes into consideration every step of the way. I’m so very happy with my experience.
I’m so in love with him.
I’m just getting used to being a parent… so, please bare with me and the blog in the following weeks.
I do have several awesome guest posts, real parties and a couple of fun tutorials in preparation for this time. But, I still need to load them all in and get them ready for publication!
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