Spring Ready with Western Chief Rain Boots— Mommy & Son Style

Spring Style for Mom and Son - A Well Crafted Party

Western Chief sent complimentary rain boots to get us ready for a Pacific Northwest Spring and to introduce themselves to A Well Crafted Party readers. All thoughts and opinions are my own. For more information on my posting guidelines please visit my policies page. This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links help this blog without any additional cost to my readers. 

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. The weather here in Portland has been pretty typical… aka, rainy. All the rain is totally easy to deal with when you also get to appreciate how GREEN it is here these days. My back yard is currently heaven on Earth. The day we took these mommy and son style photos was a typical Portland grey. Which was GREAT because I’d been hoping for a good bout of rain so I could pull out my new rain boots and not look silly walking around town.

Spring Style for Mom and Son - A Well Crafted Party

Pacific Northwest Spring Style in Portland - A Well Crafted Party

Ideally I’d pair these classic mid rain boots with more fitted pants… but, these ARE my skinny jeans at the moment due to crazy after-baby body changes. And, thought my knees ended up being a little funny looking due to the tucking the not skinny-enough jeans I was overall fairly happy with my Spring in Portland attire. Getting dressed now days is difficult. Things don’t fit the way that they used to and I always have to dress in a way that I know I can feed the baby without having to completely disrobe. You can’t see it, but underneath my nice little rain coat is yet the millionth button up shirt that I own. It doesn’t even matter the color because they all look alike to me nowadays and are likely covered in some sort of bodily fluid.

I don’t know if I’ll lose some sort of PNW cred for admitting this but, even after living in Portland for nearly 9 years now, I’ve never owned a pair of rain boots until now. I was the crazy lady you’d see getting their feet soaking wet in flats. Yep, that lady, she was me. My shoes and feet have never been more dry! It took a little getting used to wearing rain boots, but after a day out in the rain with dry feet I was pretty much sold on them. I also liked that they were super easy to clean up after a day in the rain than other boots.

#spon Kiddo is ready for a Pacific Northwest Spring with his rain gear! - A Well Crafted Party #spon Kiddo is ready for a Pacific Northwest Spring with his rain gear! - A Well Crafted Party

My son got the batman rain boots and has never been happier about a pair of shoes. Though, I think what he loved most about his outfit was that I was encouraging jumping in puddles rather than making sure he avoided them. We styled his boots with his jeans, chambray button up shirt and heather grey t-shirt with a bright yellow rain jacket. I love the classic rain jacket paired with the unexpected pop of these rain boots.


And, yep… they have capes!

Outfit Details:

Mommy: Lucky Brand Plus Size Ginger Skinny Jeans (Size 16) | Western Chief Classic Mid Rain Boot in Black | Black Anorak Rain Jacket from Target (Size XL) |Black and White Blanket Scarf – I got mine ages ago and couldn’t find a good link to it… so, here are two similar scarves (affiliate links) BB Gossip Large Tartan Blanket Scarf & Afibi Women’s Oversized Plaid Checkered Tartan Scarf

Son: Old Navy Jeans | Chambray Shirt via H&M (affiliate link – Similar here) | Western Chief Batman Rain Boot | Bumblebee Rain Coast Zinna Gold via Target | Heather Grey T-Shirt

Spring Style in Portland - A Well Crafted Party

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    Such a fun little photoshoot! I’m not surprised your son was so stoked about those Batman boots 🙂 I feel you on the jeans, most of mine are either too small or weirdly stretched out. After this baby comes i need to invest in some new denim lol

    1. Jenni

      wait until a few months have gone by… I bought new pants at three months postpartum for work and seriously… though the scale hasn’t budged, they are already falling off of me one month later. I don’t wanna complain because, well, getting smaller is the GOAL, but I dropped $120 on those suckers! 😀 I’m planning on sporting the baggy pants for a while longer. Super excited to see your cute baby photos soon!

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