Summer Entertaining Series: Semi-Homemade Summer Salad from Back-Handsprings Through Bridgetown

As part of my Summer Entertaining Series I’ve asked several of my favorite bloggers to share tips, parties, recipes, and ideas for great Summer parties. Today I’ve got one of my FAVORITE bloggers’ sharing her favorite Summer Essentials. Please welcome Laura from Back-Handsprings Through Bridgetown!




Hello peeps of A Well Crafted Party! My name is Laura, and I blog over at Back-handsprings Through Bridgetown. Jenni is a special kind of individual who can do things from Pinterest successfully, as well as create things that others want to pin. I am not. I suck at crafts and I never DIY (because my stuff will look DIY… in a bad way). That is why I must read blogs like Jenni’s to make myself feel inadequate and envious. But that is like, the point of blogs right?… especially fashion blogs. Haha! No, but seriously, we all need inspiration from people who have different gifting than ourselves.


Anywho, today I am going to share my go to recipe for summer parties, potlucks etc. It is a semi-homemade recipe that I posted last year. I am sharing this semi-homemade gem in case any of you are like me, and need a little help here and there to get a recipe off the ground. This is a gather, chop and throw together salad. Feel free to make things from scratch, but if you want, just use roasted peppers form the jar or a premade dressing. Seriously whatever! Once it is all tossed together it is going to be delicious and no one will know the difference.


Quinoa Salad

Greek Quinoa Summer Salad


1 english cucumber (chopped)
¼ cup roasted peppers (chopped)
¼ cup red onion (finely chopped)
½ cup grape tomatoes (halved)
½ cup crumbled feta
1 tablespoon fines herbs
Balsamic dressing (to taste)


For full recipe click here.


I promise this salad will be a hit at any gathering! It just tastes so fresh! And if anyone asks, yes, you roasted the peppers, made the dressing from scratch and grew the veggies in your plot of a community garden. Obviously.
Big thanks to Jenni for letting me take some of her internet space today! And if you guys want to be friends, come on over to BHTB, check out some of my favorite posts and maybe even follow me on Twitter or Insta!


And, a BIG thank you to Laura for sharing her Summer Quinoa Salad with us today. It looks delish! If you haven’t read any of Laura’s blog then you should hop on over! She is HILARIOUS. I love her posts on social media etiquette and her funny post on AIM and her work as a part-time model.

What is your favorite salad to make during the Summer?


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      It does, doesn’t it? YUMMY!

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