Five Things About Me

I posted this on Instagram a while back. But, I really like the idea behind it, so I am posting it here with a little more info. The photo was taken by Macey of Motormouth Studio (she did my head shots recently) and then I added the text via an iPhone app.

Five Things about Jenni Bost: 
  1. I write romance novels. Well, that is part of the truth. I write as a ghost writer for several different companies. I have written several short stories and two novels now that are pretty much right there in the romance category. Personally, if I ever get around to finishing my own novel, I’d write a novel in the fantasy genre. I’ll be participating in Novel November… but, I just got a job ghost writing a novel SO I’ll be working on that one instead of my own. I figure all of this ghost writing is really good practice!
  2. My hubs and I were set up by two friends while we were in college. That is just the tip of a complicated love story. I wouldn’t change a second of our story though. So thankful to our friends that set us up! (Shout out to Amanda and Loni!)
  3. Spell check is my second best friend. (My hubs, and editor, is my first best friend.) I actually can catch poor spelling in other people’s writing (even worked as an editor for a newspaper) but, I cannot catch spelling mistakes in my own writing. Some words I refuse to write because they give me so much grief.
  4. I read really, really fast. I am not bragging… it is just a fact. I’ve always loved reading and I have always read quickly. (I finished Harry Potter 7 in 8 hours.) If I am really into a book, then I can’t put it down. I devour it. Don’t ask me to read aloud though, I stumble over pronunciations of things bad!
  5. I think about parties ALL THE TIME. In my brain right now I have ideas for at least 4 upcoming parties/events. We just finished our annual Halloween party and I am dreaming about my birthday. Just how it is!
Tell me 5 interesting or unknown facts about you! 

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