Food and Fashion Month: A Month of Posts Dedicated to Two of my Favorite Things

Food and Fashion Month: A Month of Posts Dedicated to Two of my Favorite Things

Food and Fashion Month on A Well Crafted Party

Food and Fashion seems like an unlikely pair… but, I’m excited to be talking about these two subjects ALL month long! I’ll be chatting about curvy lady fashion, toddler fashion, accessories, party fashions, beauty, recipes, chefs, cocktails and more this month. They are all topics that I’ve posted about before on my blog, but I haven’t really been able to focus on either while working on all my party posts.

Now, I’m not going to leave out the party people. I’ll have real events, party DIYs, and such goodies as usual, but I’ll be focusing a lot more on Food & Fashion this month. Why this month? Well, that is because I am going to be attending two awesome Portland events this month that are giving me a ton of ideas and content to share. Let me explain…

Fashion on A Well Crafted Party


Portland Fashion Week is slotted for Sept. 12- 14 with runway shows, pop-up shops, and parties. The next weekend there will be several satellite parties as well. It is going to be  huge event and I am so excited to have been chosen as one of the Portland Fashion Week’s Style Collective members. I’ll be sitting front row for several of the runway shows and attending fun fashion-centric parties. I may not be the most fashionable lady out there… but, I LOVE fashion. Growing up I seriously wanted to be a fashion designer and have made my own clothes on several occasions. This is sort of a dream come true to me.

style-collective-member-badgeI’m hoping you will be excited as I introduce you these next few weeks to some of the designers from Portland Fashion Week in behind the scenes looks at their studios and interviews. If you ever wanted to see what a budding fashion designer’s studio looks like… you are in luck! I’ll also be sharing posts from the front row of the runway and the after parties. But, it won’t all be about PFW. I have tons of fashion/beauty related posts that range from fun Toddler fashion looks, curvy girl fashion, and beauty tips.

Are you in Portland and want to attend one of the many awesome runway shows? Tickets start at just $20! After parties are 21+. You can get into the runway shows and join in on the after parties. If you are going let me know so that I can see you while there! Buy Portland Fashion Week Tickets Here!

Food Month on A Well Crafted Party


If you’ve read many of my food posts here on A Well Crafted Party then you have to know that I love food and I love the idea of eating local and supporting local businesses. Portland’s foodie event of the year (in my opinion) is coming around this September and I am pumped to be there celebrating Portland’s bounty and the chefs that do crazy awesome things with it. FEAST Portland is scheduled for Sept. 19-22 and has foodie events, lectures, and parties throughout the city during that time. I received a blogger pass to visit some of the events and share the experience with you all.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 10.35.12 AMWhile I love sharing my experiences here on the blog I know it is not nearly as satisfying as being there yourself or learning about how to do some of the things you are seeing… so, it won’t be all event posts. I’ll be introducing you to some awesome food companies, chefs, recipes, cookbooks, and more this month. If you enjoy cooking, creating cocktails, or learning more about places to visit in the PNW then you won’t want to miss this month’s food posts!

Live in the Portland area or are visiting town during this time? Check out the many FEAST events coming your way including lecture series, cooking demonstrations, tastings, and dinners! Tickets for FEAST are on sale now!

Disclaimer: I am being given free entry to part or all of the above events. No additional compensation is given. No expectations of number of posts or certain coverage were given. All opinions are mine and mine alone. I will not be posting a bunch of posts that won’t be interesting to as many readers as possible. My hopes are that the content ideas I’ve received from being a part of these events will be interesting and creative content.

Which posts are you excited about? Fashion? Food? Or, how I’m going to tie fashion and food into parties!?

Giveaway Week

Giveaway Week


I let things get backed up in my blog logs for quite a while and ended up with a whole bunch of freebies and a fun giveaway that still needed to be written about and shared.

So, in honor of cleaning out the editorial calendar I worked and worked this weekend to make this week extra fun. I’m dubbing it, “Giveaway Week!” (Super creative, right?) I’ve got 6 posts coming up this next week with goodies for you! There will be an awesome discount, a couple of giveaways, and three sets of free printables.

I might be a little crazy releasing all this fun in one week- but, I have so much content coming up next month that I have to get these items out NOW!

Check back today at 1PM PST to see a little party I threw last week and the opportunity to win some gorgeous party goods.

If you don’t want to miss any of the freebies then follow along via BlogLovin, Facebook, or Twitter!


A Well Crafted Man: Introduction

A Well Crafted Man: Introduction

A new addition to A Well Crafted Party is a series by my husband, Brian, called A Well Crafted Man. Please welcome him to the site and let us know what you want to know about the man behind the party! 

This being my first post, I want to tell you a little about myself. Which puts me in an awkward position, since I don’t like telling the Internet stuff about me. I also don’t like lists, but Jenni suggested a list would make this post easier (doesn’t she love lists?). She’s my wife, so she’s usually right.

A Few Things About A Well Crafted Man:

In no particular order—

  1. RCTID! If you don’t know what that stands for, Google it, and come back to this post once you’ve donned your Timber’s Army scarf. I played soccer through college, never at any level of professionalism, and when we moved to Portland, I couldn’t wait to go to a game. I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows.
  2. I met my wife on a blind date, before the blind date. Actually, she eyed me on our college campus before I met her before the blind date…so I guess it can’t really be called a blind date. Our mutual friend hooked us up, and that’s why you make friends, kids. So they can match you with your future spouse. 7 years in, and we still really like each other. I’m not surprised, though; she’s my kind of girl.
  3. I grew up in Japan. I’m kind of tall, so usually the first thing people say when they meet me is, “you don’t look Japanese”.
  4. I love all things Portland. I bike across its bridges, drown myself in its coffee, beer, and wine, laugh about its stereotypes, and feel proud that my son was born here. He will actually get to brag to people, “I’m a native Oregonian”. Aren’t you jealous, you Midwest migrants?
  5. My son means the world to me. When he arrived, that meant the end of all my hobbies. I work, and I spend time with my son – that’s what I tell people when they ask what I do. I quite enjoy my life. My son is almost two (I wonder if Jenni will post about his 2nd birthday party), and I didn’t know time could fly so fast. I want to be the best dad I can be.

Now you know a little about me, and will hopefully welcome my addition to this site. In my typical, mercurial fashion, if I set out an agenda, I’ll change it later, but you may see posts from me regarding being a dad, enjoying Portland, brewing beer (here’s my old homebrewing blog:, and perhaps some philosophical ponderings of politics, people, and purpose. And a lot of alliteration.




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