{Real Party} Rustic Dinner Party

On a previous {Working on it Wednesday} post I shared an inspiration board for a Fall dinner party with a color scheme of whites, tans, browns and blues.
Guests were in charge of bringing desserts or appetizers while I was in charge of making a main course dish and two sides for 20 people. I challenged myself to keep the whole party within a budget of $125. The decor could only cost $25 and the food, favors and two bottles of wine had to ring in under $100.

The Budget Breakdown
$3 on plastic zoo animals
$4 on spray paint
$13 rugged burlap
$9 on flowers
Total: $29
 The rest of the decor were items I already owned
and items I made from things I already owned.
Food, Favors, and Wine: 
Wine— Two Bottles Free
Had leftover from Halloween party
Favors— Takeout boxes for guests to fill with desserts
(Boxes were $13.50, but I split the costs with a friend
who needed the other half of the box order for Thanksgiving)
Food— $82.00
The biggest part of this cost was the meat for 15 people.
I also added a vegetarian main course dish and a birthday cake to this shopping trip.
Total: $88.75
Total Party Cost: $117.75

Check back this week for recipes and DIY decorations.

{Real Party} Little Pumpkin Sip and See

This week is the week of baby showers here at the blog…
Monday we saw a {Real Party} of a rustic, yet soft baby shower for a girl
Tuesday we saw a {Real Party} of a modern robot-themed shower for a boy
Wednesday was {Working on it Wednesday} with inspiration for a woodland-themed shower
Today I have photos from another {Real Party}!
My friends and family were super sweet and threw me a Sip & See for our visit back to Oklahoma.
It was a great opportunity for us to celebrate the little guy while seeing all our friends and family in one place. And, since a lot of our friends in Oklahoma recently had kiddos of their own it was an opportunity for us to meet their little ones as well.

My mom, sister and friend Jill really went all out in decorating for this party. My mom created all the paper goods using scrapbook paper and stickers. She even did the little cupcake toppers out of scrapbooks supplies. They used pumpkins, hay bails,fall foliage and even potpourri on the tables to bring out the feeling of fall.

Jill created name tags for all of the guests since our guests were from all different parts of our lives—h.s. friends, college friends, after-college friends and a ton of family. She also created little tissue paper pumpkins (via Martha) filled with candies for the favors.

The food was AMAZING. My step-mom, Teresa, and my mom made all of the food. They decided to do a dessert buffet with coffee, coffee-punch and water to drink. The menu included: pumpkin cupcakes, orange dip and fruit, mocha scones, acorn bites, s’mores pops, chocolate chippies and so much more! It was really, really delicious.

A lot of our friends and family have little ones of various ages so a kids table was a must. Each bag had toys, carrots, apples, juice, fruit by the foot and crayons. Coloring books were spread out on the table so the kids would not be bored while all the adults were chatting.
Of course the carrots were barely touched.

The ladies also put together a little gift table with photos of our little guy and an activity for guests to work on. Each guest got to fill out an advice form that we will keep and save for our little guy as he gets older. Then they would hang the advice from the clothes line above the table. Some guests even put money on the line for us… it was all so sweet.

Our little family felt so very blessed. 

Thank you to my mom, step-mom, sis and to Jill (and her family!) for throwing us this amazing party. I kept getting questions from everyone asking when I had the time to throw the party or what part of the party I did and it was very fun saying,
“Not a thing! They did it all.”

I couldn’t have done it better myself.

Thank you for checking out our party!
I think a lot of these details would transfer nicely to a very pretty Thanksgiving table!

{Real Party} Robot Baby Shower

I’m just going to call this week the week of baby showers.
Yesterday we got to see a lovely, rustic shower for baby Fern.
Today…the robot baby shower thrown for me and my little man by my lovely friends.
My friends put together this amazing invitation to really give guests an idea of what to expect at the party. I love the colors, because they are some of what we ended up doing in our little guys nursery. I also love the wording:
“Greetings, Humans!”
“Your mission, should you choose to accept it:”
The geek in me rejoiced.
Guests arrived to see robot signs pointing the way to the welcome table where the hosts had purchased a book for everyone to sign. The book, “Go the F*** to Sleep” is hilarious
(but, will be for us to read until my lil guy is no longer little.)
They also purchased adorable robot suckers from an Etsy shop for favors.
(unfortunately I cannot find the Etsy shop…if you know please send me an e-mail so I can properly link!)
The decor was so adorable! The hosts used the color scheme of blue, orange, green, yellow and grey throughout the party in the paper goods, balloons, ribbons and even the food.
I loved the welcome banner so much that I also hung it in the hospital room after baby was born.
The small details really set a well-crafted party aside from just a normal party. The little pictures of Xander Harris (a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer…one of my favorite shows growing up) really made me laugh. It was such a fun detail.
The drink and food tags cracked me up. I could just imagine my friends coming up with these things:
Drinks= Lubricants
Blueberry Lemonade= Ascorbic Acid & Blue Fruit Elixir
Veggie Platter= Fiber Matter Platter
Food=Filler Matter
Fruit Platter= Fructose Matter Platter
Cupcakes= Micro Cake Cups
Too Funny!
And, as I’ve said before… I’m not a fan of traditional baby shower games. So I was super excited to see that my friends had a fun activity planned instead of the games.
Everyone created our little guy a robot onesie by taking different robot parts and ironing them to the onesies. Added bonus: my friends realized that the little guy wouldn’t stay in one size for long so they bought different sized onesies! He will have robot outfits until he is 1!
Thanks for checking out my baby shower and a big thanks to my lovely friends who put this shin-dig together. 
You know who you are!

{Real Party} A Shower for Baby Fern

Happy {Mommy Monday}!
 I have a special treat for you today… a {Real Party} post from one of my favorite bloggers,
Lauren from The Little Things We Do.  
Lauren just had a baby shower thrown by her friends, including fellow blogger Becca from Life @ 1521. I was super excited when Lauren said I could feature the shower here because there are so many great details that could translate into a ton of different parties. 

The shower was themed around the name chosen for Lauren’s little girl, Fern. (Such a pretty name!)
The hosts used rustic details to really make this party special. I love the use of ferns in a variety of bottles and pine cones in jars. All of the rustic details are then contrasted with the softness of yarn.
Baby shower for a baby girl without pink?
(Oh, and… how amazing is that livingroom?)


Instead of traditional baby shower games the hosts opted for some fun activities. 
(This makes me happy. Anyone else feel incredibly AWKWARD playing games that involve chugging out of baby bottles or smelling chocolate laden diapers?)
The acitvities included guessing baby Fern’s birthday &
Finger Knitting garland for baby Fern’s nursery. 
{The Menu}
The drinks and food from this party make me wish I had been there! The hosts put together a hot cocoa bar with fixins. The fixins included caramels, truffles, whipped cream, peppermints and more. Homemade Gingerale was also served and I can’t wait to try the recipe!
The food table is gorgeous, isn’t it? I love the pine cone filled jars lit with the surrounding tea lights. The stamped flags are also a fabulous and fun detail. 
French toast, scones, blueberry muffins…oh my! 
{The Favors}

The hosts created cute little pom bouquets as favors for the guests. This is a fabulous idea for a couple of reasons: A) Not spending an arm and a leg on favors and B) The guests can put these out in their house to decorate for Fall and will be reminded of sweet baby Fern everytime they see them!
{The Guest(s) of Honor}

Thank you to Lauren for letting me feature this adorable shower on the blog. Congrats to you and your family!

If you are as in love with this party as I am then you might want to check out Becca’s post on it that has a ton more photos and links to the delicious food recipes and a finger knitting tutorial. 

Oh, and the great photo templates used above are a freebie from puglypixel.com.

Real Party: Costumes &Cocktails Decorations

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend!
We sure did. We had a party on Saturday, a lazy Sunday and then a walk with the little in costume and passing out candy on Monday. It was a fun first Halloween with our little guy.
I know most people are ready for all the Halloween posts to be over… but, I couldn’t wait til next year to post the review and pictures of our annual Halloween party. I’ll wait til next year to post tutorials for all the fun DIY projects in the party… but, for now I’ll post the party pictures!
Our theme this year was Costumes & Cocktails: a traditional creepy Halloween with black, white and orange color scheme; costume contest; and a full bar for fun cocktails.
The Decorations
One of the biggest focal points of the party was the giant spider wall and egg sacs.
It was certainly creepy!
I created the paper goods using free fonts from Dafont.Com* and Illustrator. I put the food labels inside sets of vampire fangs and painted the tips of the fangs red. I got the idea from the interwebs.* But, I reworked the tutorial to fit my needs and supplies.
(*See DIY information below for links)
We cleared out our TV cabinet and made it into a bar for the evening. The bar was topped with liquor, filled with mixers and garnishes and had a selection of glassware on the bottom level. Everything was covered in spider web! I also painted the doors of the cabinet with chalkboard paint and added some fun Halloween martini recipes in chalk.
Well, we didn’t grab pictures of the sheet covered furniture or some of the other small decorations that were throughout the party. The  lighting was fun for a party, but terrible for blog photography! But, you get the idea. Check back later this week for a post on the creepy food and awesome costumes!
DIY information: 
Martha Stewart Tutorial for Spider Egg Sacs
Martha Stewart Tutorial for Creepy Crepe Curtains
Katie Does Fang Placecard Holder Tutorial
Dafont.com fonts used: Moonlight Shadow by David Kerkhoff, KR Boo Lane by Kat’s Fun Fonts and Spider’s Club by Manfred Klein

{REAL PARTY} Beer Before Baby Party

Well, I wanted to give you a recap on the Beer Before Baby Party that I threw for my husband a while back. You might remember me posting a few items about it in my
I was a horrible blogger and didn’t get hardly ANY photos. I was enjoying my own baby shower at a different location for the beginning of the party. Note: enlist a friend to snap pics at next party!
But, the party was successful and everyone had a really great time.
I’ll share what photos and details I did manage to get!
{Invitations & Favors}
The invitation stated that the party was an Advice Shower for my husband as well as an opening celebration of the beer my husband brewed in honor of our son.
The favors had labels designed by me with the title “Amber to Xander.”{Food Table}

We served small portions of “bar” food for the party. The menu included: Mac & Cheese, Rubens, Beer Sausages, Sweet Potato Fries, French Fries, Crudites and Guinness Cupcakes


For a simple activity we had guests write out their advice for my husband, a new father, on coasters. We now enjoy the coasters, and their advice, daily!

 We also asked guests to bet on the vital birth information. We still have this poster up in our apartment because we enjoyed it so much.



I thought it would be fun to make special attire for this party and I was right! These shirts were easy to make with transfer paper and my printer.

{Real Party} Elmo Birthday Party

Today’s {Real Party} Feature is from our frequent Guest Blogger, Jill! 
How do you celebrate with a two year old? Everyone’s favorite – Elmo! Or as both of my children call him, Melmo. My daughter is now four, so bear with me. These are some old photos from “the ancient days before blogging.” I don’t have a step by step picture, but I do have a memory like a steel colander.

We rented a local community room, as our families have grown quicker than our home. Our local t-shirt store had the perfect shirt, thank goodness! The Dollar Tree (our everything’s a dollar) store is a great resource for cheap party supplies. That particular year, they had a package of Elmo face die cuts. I bought several packages, and used masking tape to add them around the room.

For a game, we had a “Pin the Nose on the Elmo.” This particular one is store bought. You can easily find coloring sheets of Elmo online. Open or save the coloring sheet into your favorite word processing program. Usually, you can find a template to print it as a poster. I recently did this using Microsoft’s Publisher program. If you want to “blow up” the coloring sheet to a larger size, use the program’s template for creating a poster. Then, pieces of the coloring sheet will print out, like a giant puzzle. For an easy route, plop your birthday girl or boy into the high chair. Use masking tape to affix the paper to the tray, pass over a red crayon and voila! Bigger Elmo, happy kid, and you can finally go to the bathroom in peace. Orange sticky back felt cut into circles would make perfect noses to pin on Elmo – no pins! Mason Jars make great templates for circles, and great mommy cocktail holders for when you’re up into the wee hours crafting!

Let’s face it, Elmo’s cute, but no one likes red icing. A local baker whipped this up, then put an Elmo themed toy as the cake topper.

Each table had photos of my daughter over the previous year. Cheap photo frames, again from the Dollar Tree, served as centerpieces for each table. There was a red Elmo balloon attached to a purple balloon weight (also available at Dollar Tree), and the balloons were flanked by the picture frames.The local party store also had red boxes with Elmo’s face on them. We used those, filled with sweets and toys.

Even with all this, the party really needed a stand out piece. I made an Elmo’s World back drop for a photo “booth.” All the kids loved it, and my daughter kept trying to hug Elmo. Here’s what it looked like:

Read on for instructions on how to make your own Elmo’s World Backdrop!
And here’s what you’ll need:

1 twin sized sheet or large section of material (Walmart’s twin sheets were cheaper than the material by the yard)
Print out of Elmo’s world
Template for a fish/favorite coloring page
Purple craft paint
Blue craft paint
White or glitter puffy paint
1 sheet orange felt
approx 10 sheets red felt (I used nine, but got 10 “just in case”)
1 sheet white felt
thin square sponge paint brush
Ailleen’s craft glue or hot glue gun
newspaper or tile floor

Lay out sheet or large portion of material on hard surface. (lay newsprint underneath if you prefer.) Using purple craft paint, swirl a design along the top of the material/sheet. I used my print out of Elmo’s world as a guide, but I ran out of room to do many swirls at the top like Elmo really has.
Then using blue paint, draw the table, piano, whichever elements you choose to include. Use the purple to make scribbles in the outline of your details. Let dry.

* NOTE: I did this on the tile floor without laying down newspaper. I panicked when the purple paint bled through, but dish soap and water took it right up.

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to jazz it up. I started with Elmo.
Trace your hands onto one piece of red felt, cut out. Cut one piece red felt into two equal pieces, use as arms. OR if you want longer arms, do 4 equal pieces, etc. I used 1 red piece cut into two longer pieces for Elmo’s legs. (cutting down the middle of the longer side).
Take 4 pieces of red felt. Stack two pieces, and cut a rounded edge. (I used my pizza stone as a guide). Then do the same for the other two pieces. Now you’ll have a giant circular shape for Elmo’s body. Attach using glue to the material.

At this point, you can add the arms, legs and hands.

Then take two more sheets of red felt. Using another round object as a guide, lay them together and cut a circular shape. Then attach as the head.

Use the white piece to make two circles. From this, you’ll get the eyes. I used the sharpie to make the little black dots in his eyes.
Also from the white piece, cut a small circle to serve as Dorothy the Goldfish’s eye. I also used a sharpie on her eye.

Using the coloring sheet as a template, cut Dorothy from the orange felt. Use the remaining orange felt to cut a large circle for Elmo’s nose.

At this point, attach the remaining pieces using the glue. I just popped the felt goldfish on above the table and let her “float” there for a bit.

Then take the white/silver puffy paint and draw a circular shape around the fish. Leave the top open, and draw a straight line across to make the goldfish bowl. I added some extra paint at the bottom of the bowl to look like gravel. Some sequins would be perfect there! And if you use the craft glue, you can glob on a bunch and add sequins like you would add sprinkles to a cake.

Let dry overnight if possible. I hung it using some serious amounts of masking tape.

I wanted so badly to find a cd of Elmo/Sesame Street song, but didn’t. Now, hopefully, you could find something on iTunes, etc.

But most of all, remember that Elmo loves you very much!
Thank you Jill for sharing your party with us!  

{REAL PARTY} Patriotic Crab Boil

So, this upcoming weekend is  
Independence Day Weekend
and, I totally forgot.
(Pregnancy Brain?)
Summer holidays have always been hard for me to get into as much as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day…Maybe because it feels like all of summer is a good excuse to throw a party I don’t really feel the need to do it on the same day as everyone else. 
  Yep, I’m a Summer Party Crab. 
I do however like Independence Day (even if I don’t often do a BIG shin-dig)…
Which is why last year I thought it would be fun to throw a Crab Boil around the holiday and spice it up with a few patriotic details so that I didn’t feel like I wasn’t celebrating at least a little. 
And, since the holiday is creeping up on me again this year I thought I’d share the photos with you just in case you needed some last minute party inspiration. 
 (If that is you then check back tomorrow for some {Friday Finds} chock full of Independence Day 
inspiration including FREE PRINTABLES!)

Patriotic Crab Boil
Each guest got a hand painted bib along with their silverware.
The bibs were a bit too small for most guests. But, were cute anyways.
I kept most of the decorating quite simple… a few red and white streamers really brought it all together.
The adorable printables were found FREE at Hostess with the Mostess!
No plates needed for this feast! The buckets were filled with rolls.
I wrapped boxes of sparklers up with fun homemade wrapping papers and created Thank You Tags to finish off the favors.
The aftermath… but, hey! I didn’t have a ton of dishes to do at the end of the night!

 The Details

Really, I didn’t do a bunch for this party. That is one of my favorite parts of a Crab Boil.


I put up red and white streamers around the party areas and our porch area.
I also used the Hostess with the Mostess printables to designate the refreshments area.
Using Illustrator I created a few printables of my own
including some wrapping paper and thank you tags for the favors.
My favorite part was the table… To protect the table I put down some wax paper and then covered the whole table with white butcher paper (seriously the best party supply purchase I’ve ever made). I then added the bibs and silverware packs to each place setting. The bibs and silverware wraps I just free-handed earlier that day. I added galvanized buckets of rolls down the center of the table and ramekins of butter and lemon slices at each place setting…. and that is it!
The main attraction happened at dinner time when I dumped the food on the table!

—The Food—

I did a simple crab boil (and, to tell you the truth… at the last moment we decided to save some money and went without the crab and instead did shrimp and clams). I have two really big pots and I filled them with red potatoes, onions, lemons, corn on the cob, sausage, shrimp and clams. They steamed beautifully with a little bit of white wine. I also added in some spices to give it a bit of a kick.
(Check out this recipe from All Recipes or this one from Martha Stewart)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this {REAL PARTY} post and I hope it shows you can throw together something fun and celebratory even at the last minute. 
It can be simple and simply FUN at the same time.
We are always so happy when having friends over to our place!

What are your plans for Independence Day this year?

{Real Party} Breakfast for Dinner Birthday

A few weeks back I helped a friend Joan throw together a simple, but fun “Breakfast for Dinner” Birthday Party for a mutual friend, Ryan.
His only requests were “Bacon and something with Chocolate for dessert.”

{REAL PARTY} Suprise Barbie Party

Growing up I loved my Barbies. I had hundreds of them and my dad even made me a custom built, HUGE Barbie house. So, when my friend Jill told me she was surprising her daughter with a Barbie party this year I couldn’t wait to help out with some pink, black and white printables for the party.

Some Free Printables created using the Barbie font from DaFont.Com

Now, this wasn’t just ANY Barbie party. Jill had decided to wait to allow her daughter to own Barbie dolls until she felt that she was old enough to have them. Of course her daughter, Ella, had been asking for them for quite a while before Jill decided that it was time. So, Jill really wanted to surprise her with the theme and didn’t let on at all!

Check out how happy she looks!

Jill sent me some photos from the party (she lives in my home state of Oklahoma and I’m far away in Oregon so I couldn’t attend) as well as some hints she found useful in planning and executing the party.
I love that this party is a perfect example how a REAL mom can through a beautiful party on a REAL budget. And, of course, it is all about the special details!

The details from Jill:
1. Packaging tape is exactly as wide as a party circle, and just almost wide enough to totally cover a party “square.” It works great to attach them to cups!
2. Haiwaiin punch comes in every color for about $3 to match any kids party. 

3.  I got big pink roses at the $1 jewelry store (that’s really  the name of it) for $1 each. I intended to use them to swag a black and white polka dot tablecloth. But apparently cotton has gone up, because it was $6/yard! Not what I wanted to spend $30 on, so I  skipped it in favor of more pink for $2.
4. The Dollar Tree has great disposable table cloths. You can stick your party squares, then roll up and toss the mess with no $$ guilt.

I love this use of the party circle printables!

5. The lid to the case of copy paper holds cupcakes for even the craziest of drives. (like late, locked out of my house, pot holes, etc. It was a wild day!)
6. When ordering a Barbie cake, reuse lid from above to stabilize that cake. It will not survive the same drive.
7. Offer to bring your own doll for the cake – saved me $10. And because I love my baker, they threw in the glitter/shimmer spray.

8. Hiring college kids to dress up for kids parties is great. They love kids, they love 20 bucks, and the kids love it too. Ella is still talking about how Barbie came to her party. And she knows Sammi!  lol

I love that Barbie came to visit her for the party!

9. I gave Ella $30 and sent her to the Dollar Tree party section. She got tons of favors for the kids, all for what I would’ve maybe gotten 10 things or so at a party store. And when she handed them out, she was sure to proudly tell them that she picked the prizes. I always have her hand out the goody bags at the door so she can say thanks for coming and give bye hugs. And they were hilarious – not themed at all. Pixie sticks, watches, color your own stickers, plastic snakes, princess hair clips, you name it.

Lastly, Jill hosted the party at a local bounce house so the kids would have some built in entertainment. I love this idea because I’ve seen so many kids get even more excited about a birthday party because it is somewhere they are already familiar with and a place they can associate with FUN! Her advice for a Bounce House party:

“When having a bounce house party, don’t forget: 1.  Include the waiver cards with your invites (I did) and 2. to bring extra socks. I brought extras for the kids (which they sell for $1/pair there) and some brightly colored ones for the adults. I set them out on a table in the bounce area with kid-sized bottled water in a little box. Adults often think about bringing the kids’ socks and try to sneak out of bouncing because they “forgot socks” (I’ve done this; I’m on to them). Then your kids are having so much fun you can’t resist! And bright colors are fun, and ensure you make it home with your own neon socks.”

Look how happy she is!!!

Real Party: Mad Tea Party Halloween Pt. 1

So, you’ve seen the party prep in past posts…. with no further ado:A Mad Tea Party Pt. 1: Decor
Halloween 2010

The Queen of Heart’s Bar

Our Front Door
The Bar
The bar backdrop was a wave of cards
Pink flamingo pics for the martinis


It’s Tea Time!
The Tea took place in the middle of Wonderland


Moss runners, stacked pedestals, tea pots and cups created the tablescapes
We served traditional tea sandwiches and tea party food during cocktail hour

thank you so much for stopping by!
I hope you enjoyed part one of our Halloween party!

Keep your fingers crossed for me… I’m entering this party in:

Entertain Exchange

Inspiration Board To Reality: Bike Coctail Party

A Well Crafted Party’s First Giveaway is still going on! 
to enter to win the following prize package:
—Inspiration Board with sources for an event you are planning to throw at least 2 months from now. The board will be based on a details your provide about your hopes for the party (including BUDGET!).
—3 DIY projects for your party with detailed instructions (see post for an example)
—Information and Ideas for Decorations, Favors, Refreshments and more based on your budget, venue and estimated DIY ability. 😉

 Below is an example of what real parties
can come from this package:
 (I created an inspiration board, suggested ideas and created printable packages for these parties)

A Bike Themed Cocktail Party 

Host’s Ideas for the party: 
A cocktail party that mixes the birthday boy’s love for bikes and recycling. Nothing too fancy– something that everyone can sit back and enjoy. Wanted the space to be special but 
not over-decorated and certainly not fussy.

Well Crafted Inspiration Board: 
Sources from top left clockwise: 1. Bike Part Image, 2. Industrial looking drink station, 3. Bike Street Sign, 4. Bike part image, 5. striped straws, 6. Black wine bottle, 7. flasks, 8. gears image, 9. chrome table cloth
 A Couple of the “Well Crafted Party” DIY projects:
  • Spray painted empty beer and wine bottles for flowers and other decorations
  • Printable garland, coasters, cupcake toppers and drink tags
  • Taking, Printing and “framing” photos of bikes and bike road signs for the party area

One of the “Well Crafted Party” Printables:


Photos from the Real Party:
This is just one example of a real party that can come from winning this giveaway.
Not planning a party anytime soon but know someone who will be!?! Send them to the page so they can have the opportunity to win this fun package!
Some idea for events 2 months or more away: New Years Eve!, Valentines Day, Winter, Birthdays, Anniversaries, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring and well… the list goes on and on!

Real Party: Haunted Halloween Dinner Party

Some more Halloween Real Party love coming your way… :)
Haunted Halloween Dinner
A 5-course dinner party for 20 gruesome guests
 Guests received hand-delivered invitations to this Halloween Dinner.
The invitations were attached to black roses and covered in fake spider web.
The Menu was an array of delicious, and creepy, Fall foods.
Most of the recipes were inspired by some of Martha Stewart’s Halloween food creations. (See my recent post on Halloween Recipes for some of the links!)
First course: Tomato and Red Pepper Soup with Mozzarella Eyeballs
Second Course: Green Salad served with Roasted Red Peppers and a Spider’s Egg
Third Course: Lamb Shanks with Mashed Potato Ghosts
Fourth Course: Decaying Cheese Plate
Fifth Course: Death By Chocolate (Recipe for this deliciously sinful dessert coming soon!)
Each place setting held a menu (with rhinestone studded spiders crawling on them),
a charger plate covered in spider web and a wine goblet with another rhinestone
studded spider. The table itself was covered in a tattered cheese cloth,
tons of spider web, glittery spiders and pumpkins.
When planning this party I really wanted guests to walk into a
whole different world that what my small apartment typically looks like.
In order to help create the other worldly look we purchased flat decorative
paper and black gossamer (like they use at proms).
We also purchased SEVERAL hundred fake spiders from OrientalTrading.com and used them throughout the party. Some of the spiders we spray painted silver, some we doused in black glitter, some we attached rhinestones to their backs.
We spray painted and glittered several pumpkins and scattered them throughout the party. Fake spider web finished off our spooky setting.



I’d love to feature your Halloween Real Party!
and send your party submission to me at:

*Affiliate links have been used in this post. I do not post about products that I haven’t used myself. See my policies page for more information!

Real Party: A Bewitching Ball

Okay, so I promised some real parties this month and here is one of my favorites! Halloween is one of my very favorite days of the year. I start planning the party a year in advance and very much enjoy the preparation and execution of the party. This past Halloween we had a “Bewitching Ball” with all the formal fabulous we could fit into our tiny apartment. So, I’ll keep from chattering about and show you the photos.

The decor was as DIY as I could possibly make it. Hundreds of bats hung from the ceiling. Tissue paper flowers decorated the mantle and wrapped around any available space. (Tutorials will be up in the next few days!) A hand designed chandelier, made by a friend, was the shining centerpiece.

The food— Well, I can never pass up the opportunity to make fun Halloween food. I found a lot of great recipes on-line (check out last Friday’s post for some great food links) and all of them were a hit.

The Candy Bar— I love the idea of letting guests pick out their favorite candies for their Halloween Candy Stash. Might as well bring back the joy of trick-or-treating while you can, right?

The Signature Drinks—I made two signature drinks and had s few classic bar selections for guest to choose from at the bar. The two signature drinks were “My Kind of Magic” and “Satan’s Soda” both created by me! (look for the recipes in future posts)

The Masks—The guests made their own masks and costumes. They were all so creative and you could tell they spend a ton of time working on them.

It was a fabulously fun party and I am very happy to get to show off the photos. If you have a fabulously fun Halloween party you’d like to share please send submissions for consideration to submissions@awellcraftedparty.com. Please visit our submission guideline page for submission directions.

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