My Favorite Parties of 2017

Favorite Parties of 2017 | A Well Crafted Party

I typically end each year taking the time to review the year and sort of giving myself a recap of the highs of the year so that I’ll end the year in a hopeful mood. Looking back on my favorite parties has always been a great way for me to look back.  I had a very difficult time doing that this year. If you’ve been following my blog for long, you’ve might have noticed a drop off in posts over this past year. I’ve had a lot of health and life stress issues that have made it difficult to write about entertaining and such things. I do try to live by the mission of this blog even if I fail to share it… I truly believe in celebrating life even at its hardest.

Though my blog doesn’t quite reflect it over 2017, I hosted or attended a TON of baby showers, weddings, anniversary parties, dinner parties, birthdays, and holiday celebrations in 2017. Some of them I didn’t even take my camera out for one photo of the decor, menu, paper goods, etc. While the blogger in me is a little sad… I know that I didn’t take photos because I was truly enjoying myself (or just too darn busy to pull out the camera!)

Before I get too far into 2018 I wanted to share some of my favorite parties (that I hosted) of 2017. Most of these I haven’t even posted about… but, don’t worry, the posts will come soon!

The Best Well Crafted Parties of 2017

School Valentine's Day Party | A Well Crafted Party

School Valentine’s Day Love Bug Party

I don’t have a ton of time to volunteer at my son’s school due to my full-time and part-time jobs. However, when they asked for a volunteer to help coordinate their three class parties of the year my hand shot up pretty quickly. I could commit to three events! For Valentine’s Day we celebrated with a Love Bug party. This was one of the cutest parties I’ve ever hosted. It was pretty much a full evening of crafting, but it turned out to be such a fun hour with the kiddos.

Want more? I’ll be sharing tips on hosting a school Valentine’s Day party at the end of this month!

Green and White Baby Shower | A Well Crafted Party

Green and White Baby Shower

My friend Lindsay is one of those giving, caring friends that seems to just know the exact moment when you need her to reach out. I was fortunate enough to get to co-host a baby shower to celebrate Lindsay’s third child this year. She is vegan and natural and beautiful so we wanted to reflect that in the theme, decor, and food for this party. In addition to a delicious array of vegan brunch foods we were able to build our own terrariums that doubled as an activity and party favor.

Want more? Visit one of the following links: Natural Elements Baby Shower, Vegan Cheese Board Ideas, Succulent Themed Baby Shower, DIY Avocado Toast Bar , and Build Your Own Succulent Terrarium Party Activity + Free Printables

Crab Boil 4th of July Party | A Well Crafted Party

Crab Boil 4th of July Party

There are a few events that I host yearly. I am a sucker for a good tradition. One of our traditions is to do a Crab Boil for 4th of July. Crab legs, shrimp, clams, potatoes, onions, lemons, and sausages are loaded up on a table for all to eat. We traditionally throw all of the food onto the paper covered table and eat with our hands. The crab ended up staying on our serving platter this year just because we thought it looked pretty! Ha.

Want more? Check out my Pinterest board for Crab Boil Party Ideas.


Nexo Knight 6th Birthday | A Well Crafted Party

Nexo Knight Themed 6th Birthday Party

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be putting children’s parties on my top parties of the year. Guess that goes to show you how much parenthood can change you. My oldest son turned six this year and I have to say that he rivals me in my love for parties. He helped plan and develop his Nexo Knight themed birthday party. Guests helped create their own shields and swords before a hearty dinner and Knight training.

Want more? I’ll be sharing more from this party in the very near future! In the meantime, check out my Nexo Knight Pinterest Board.

Queen Baby Shower | A Well Crafted Blog

A Queen Themed Baby Shower

After having two boys my friend Yvonne had a baby girl! As a mamma of two wonderful boys myself, I could imagine how excited she must have been to give her boys a baby sister. Because her last name is King I thought we should do a baby shower fit for a queen! The shower was a lunchtime soiree with a color scheme of pink, peach, green, and mint. I had so much fun putting in crown details along with florals and balloons.

Want more? I’ll be sharing a post about this party next week!

Tiki Party | A Well Crafted Party

Tiki Birthday Party

I love a good tiki bar so when a friend was having a Tiki Birthday Party for her husband I asked if I could take care of the cocktails. I three tasty cocktails to be served on a large bed of ice. Tiki drinks are just as much about their cups and garnish as they are about big fruity flavors. I had so much fun coming up with the right style of drinks. To complete the look I also mimicked Tiki menus by drawing pictures of the beverages with their menu description.

Want more? These drinks will be coming to the blog as summer approaches. In the meantime, check out this delicious Triple Tiki Rum Punch from A Beautiful Mess.

Colorful 2nd Birthday Party | A Well Crafted Party

A Colorful 2nd Birthday Party

My second son turned two this year and I loved how easy and fun his party turned out to be! He loves drawing and coloring… mostly with markers, but it can seriously pacify him for some time. His birthday was all about his colorful personality and his love for color. We papered the house and put crayons, colored pencils, and markers everywhere so guests could draw and color any place that they chose to be. Sometimes even the simplest of parties can become a favorite!

Want more? I’ll be sharing this party on the blog soon!

What was your favorite event or celebration of 2017? Share with me in the comments below or on social media!



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    Well I didn’t expect to tear up while reading this post. I am beyond thankful for your generosity and had the best day ever. One that I will remember and cherish forever. Thank you so much Jenni. xo.

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