Build Your Own Succulent Terrarium Party Activity

Build Your Own Succulent Terrarium Party Activity | A Well Crafted Party

Creating a Build Your Own Succulent Terrarium activity for your next shower will surely delight guests that are bored of the normal baby shower activities. I’ve said it before, but I am NOT a fan of traditional baby shower games and activities. Don’t get me wrong… I will play along like a champ at a baby shower and there is no judgement from me when other people enjoy drinking from a bottle or trying to guess which candy bar has melted into a diaper. Way back in the past I even planned a party with a few of those traditional games.

Nowadays though, I tend to opt for a different style of baby shower activity including activities that create items for the guest of honor like decorating onesies or creating cool crafts that double as party favors.

Free Printable Terrarium Instructions for Party Activity | A Well Crafted Party


How to Create a Build Your Own Succulent Terrarium Party Activity

I recently co-hosted a baby shower for a friend with a love for natural elements. As we were planning out ideas for the event my co-host, Lisa from This Beautiful Day, came up with a great idea to have a Build Your Own Succulent Terrarium activity. I instantly loved the idea because the activity could be a triple-threat for the party providing a decor element, activity, and favor all in one.

Free Printable Terrarium Instructions for Party Activity | A Well Crafted Party

When putting together the activity I wanted to find supplies as affordably as possible while still making them true terrariums. I was lucky to find a great little terrarium kits that included all of the supplies other than potting soil, succulents, and the vases. I purchased two of the kits to cover around 12 guests, 1 bag of potting soil specifically for use with cactuses, and 12 round glass vases. I found the vases at the Dollar Tree for $1 each!

Instructions for use for printable instructions:

When complete these tall and skinny instructions can be set in a mini glass container, propped up next to your activity table, or added to a favor bag with supplies for creating a mini terrarium.

  • Click the above image to download the free printable Make Your Own Terrarium Instructions sheet. Save to your computer.
  • Print on white cardstock in full color
  • Cut along the sides of the set of instructions. There are three sets of instructions per page.

Instructions for setting up a succulent terrarium activity:

First Step: Place the following items out in bowls and platters:

  • sand
  • gravel
  • sphagnum moss
  • soil
  • succulent plants
  • sea glass
  • reindeer moss

Second Step: Put instructions in each glass vase.

Let guests enjoy making their own mini-terrariums.

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    LOVE this idea so much. I also love the fact that there’s a kit for this (which I should have assumed this day in age). Makes it so much simpler. Maybe I’ll do it this fall on my back patio that never gets any use.

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